MSc Student Research Projects

Due to the Corona crisis some subjects are on hold for the time being, this is stated behind the subject. The other subjects are still offered by our department, some subjects are adjusted a bit and can start from home (and/or practical work can follow when the situation allows) or even fully be executed and supervised on a distance. There are a lot of possibilities and do not hesitate to contact supervisors to discuss the options. If you want to do an internship with us, it is recommended that you register at least 3 months in advance.

Projects actively searching for students

Biogeochemistry, conservation and management of wetlands

Greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands

Microbial ecology of wetlands

Wetland (multitrophic) diversity in a changing climate

Green solutions: paludiculture and water treatment


For subjects without a link; ask or call Bjorn Robroek for more information!