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Romee Groenbos

Influence of submerged and floating-leaved macrophytes on the oxidation and reduction of methane in Dutch farmland ditches.

Martijn Bakker

Reintroduction of Zostera Marina in the Grevelingen lake.

Thijs Hofstede

Seagrass restoration Bonaire.

Guido Bijlsma

Sphagnum farming.

Anouk Wakely

Plant – Microbe interactions in ecosystems: consequences for biogeochemistry.

Jelle van Neerven

Macroinvertabrate bioturbation influences on methane emmissions from wetlands.

Jesper Wien

Conservation and Restoration Ecology/ Decomposition Fish Feed in Fish Ponds.

Gina Maessen

Sphagnum farming and grasslands.

Sophia Ann Joshy

Bioturbudation and GHG in aquatic sediments.

Lizan Brauers

Research at the Threave nature estate.

Saumya Shendurnikar

GHG emissions from agricultural ditches.

Federico Hauque

foto Federico Hauque

Jente van Langerak

The supporting role of seagrass in the growth of nursery staghorn corals.

Yinxia Ma

Study on the greenhouse emission from the agricultural ditch.

Phoebe Noverico

Does the bioturbating role of macrophytes affect the methane production in freshwater sediments?