Career Day for Master students (Medical) Biology

We are happy to announce that on the 28th of April the educational institute for Biosciences organises the Career Day for all first-year Master's students (Medical) Biology. During this day you will engage in several exciting activities that will help you on your ideal career path. You can select the workshops of your preference in order to get the most out of it. Be quick, because there is a cap on some of the workshops!

The day will end with a get together with drinks, during which you can talk with fellow students about what you’ve learned during the sessions. The first drinks will be on the house, so make sure to be there. The Career Day is organised especially for you and is part of the Master portfolio course.

Registration opens on 11 April 2022 at 9.30h.


13.30 - 14.15h: Start of the Career Day (LIN2)

Putting Picking into Perspective

You’re facing a choice: what will you be doing after your studies? Whatever you pick, it will determine the rest of your life, so it’s extremely important you make the right decision. Right?


In this humorous day-starter session, standup comedian Bert Keurentjes will show you how we cannot even begin to oversee all of the consequences of the decisions we make. And how, moreover, it’s often the smallest decisions that have the greatest consequences. So if that’s the case, why fret, why worry, why overthink? Why not choose with your heart, go with the flow and let destiny, karma, coincidence (or whatever you want to call it) work its magic?
Feel the weight lift off your shoulders as that heavy burden of making the right decision goes out the window and is replaced by… Well, let’s see, shall we?

Bert Keurentjes

14.30 - 15.15h: Alumni panel discussion (LIN2)


Alumni panel discussion

We have invited four alumni to talk about their careers and the process of finding a job after their studies. Topics that will be discussed are:

  • A PhD is the logical follow-up after a Master
  • My master’s programme met the requirements to start my first job​
  • What does a typical workweek look like?
  • What soft skills are required for your job?

Of course, there is room for your questions as well.

15.30 - 17.15h: pick 1 or 2 workshops

1. Mind the Gap! - For a smooth transition to working life

Jeanette Kolkman & Jeroen van den Hoven - Study and Career Counselors

You may experience obstacles in the transition from student life to working life. Such as lack of knowledge of the labour market, lack of self-confidence or practical difficulties. In this workshop, you create insight into the obstacles you experience and how to tackle those.

2. What can I do with my studies? How do I position myself?

Cécile Reulen - Reulen Career Consultancy

“So you will be a...?” or “Biology, doesn’t that have anything to do with ‘flowers and bees’” of for the Dutch students “Ah, Biology, so you’re the new Freek Vonk”, are some of the reactions that you might frequently get.

I myself once received the following comment during a job interview: “There's no doubt you're clever but what can you actually do?” I was completely humiliated. Actually, I could do a lot, I just didn't know yet how to get this across.

But I do know now and I am happy to share my knowledge.

In this workshop, you will receive information among other things:

  • How to translate your study towards the job market;
  • and how to remain empowered and able to counter the above remarks.

Are you interested and need some support to make the next step? Sign up for this workshop!

3. Your online profile and easy networking tips

Wencke Kieft - Career Officer

If you are planning to find your next job in a few months up to a year from now, it seems useless to search for job openings. But what can you do now, to make your application process easier and more effective when you are ready for it? Your online presence and networking tools, provide you with a solid fundament for further actions in the (near) future. In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover different networking tools;
  • Work on/ complete your online profile;
  • Learn how to find and contact the right people.

4. Workshop: how to write a CV

Fieke Maas - Career Officer

In this workshop, you will learn what is standard practice for writing a professional CV. This workshop is an excellent starting point for students who are new to writing a CV.

career day

5. Tough choices – using self-exploration to make choosing more fun

Vera van Berlo

The process of making career-related choices can be quite difficult; it might even be overwhelming. During this workshop, you will get some insight into why making choices is so tough. You are going to dive into your thoughts and feelings and see whether further exploring this can help you in making the process more pleasant, relaxed and fun.

17.20 - 18.30: Drinks, photographer and LinkedIn-check

Drinks (South street, Huygens Building)

Finally, you are invited to join the 'borrel' in the Huygensbuilding. There will be a photographer present to take your professional CV/LinkedIn picture. And you can also get a quick LinkedIn check from one of the Career Officers.