Fleur Zeldenrust appointed member of the Radboud "Young Academy"

Date of news: 22 October 2020

During the 97th Dies Natalis of Radboud University, Rector Magnificus Han van Krieken announced the start of the “Young Academy” at Radboud University. This platform, which does not have a permanent name yet, brings together postdoc staff members in the early stages of their careers to contribute to the academic culture at Radboud University.

The first members of the Radboud “Young Academy” are:

Radboud's own “Young Academy”

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has had their own Young Academy for a while, and now there are more universities in the Netherlands that have established their own as well. The name of the Radboud University platform has yet to be determined. Eventually it will consist of 32 postdoc staff members from Radboud University who are in the early stages of their careers and there will be an equal number of men and women. The members will be selected with diversity in mind as well: both thematically, through good distribution among the faculties and institutes, and personally, through individual characteristics and competences. In principle, membership will last for four years.

Contributing to an Academic Culture

The Radboud “Young Academy” will also act as a think tank and contribute to the academic culture at Radboud University. The platform’s objectives are:

  1. promoting and participating in the university-wide debate on education policy, research, social impact, and media relations at Radboud University, with specific attention to the role and voice of early postdoc staff members;
  2. developing interdisciplinary contacts in education and research, across faculty and institute lines, specifically among young researchers;
  3. organising inspiring activities focused on early career postdocs, such as community building (informal networking), developing careers, talent and important skills, coaching, and exchanging experiences;
  4. preparing early career postdoc staff members for supervisory roles in the future, such as administrative positions at or outside Radboud University.