Lucas Noldus in talkshow about responsible business with China

Date of news: 24 February 2021

After seven years of negotiations, the EU and China recently agreed on an investment-in-principle agreement. The content of the so-called Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) is still far from definitive, but it is nevertheless already seen as the most ambitious investment agreement that China has ever concluded.

Despite the fact that the CAI contains commitments from China regarding market access, level playing field, sustainable development and labor rights, there are also doubts about the actual profit of this deal for European companies. Professor Frank Pieke (Leiden University / LeidenAsiaCentre) is therefore talking to three experience experts who will illuminate the CAI from their expertise. What are the consequences of this deal for Dutch companies doing business in and with China? What concessions did the EU have to make in order to reach the agreement? And is this deal really what the Dutch economy needs, also in the light of our relations with the US?

View this talkshow with Ben Knapen (chairman CDA of the Senate and former director-general of the European Investment Bank)
Valérie Hoeks (Sinologist and owner of China Inroads)
Lucas Noldus (endowed professor of information technology and innovation and owner of Noldus Information Technology)

Professor Frank Pieke (Leiden University / LeidenAsiaCentre)