NWO grant for Martijn Agterberg and team

Date of news: 12 August 2021

Martijn Agterberg and his team just received a NWO grant for their ‘take-off’ proposal (Take-off phase 1 spring 2021 Feasibility study WO).

With this project they explore and test a rather drastic change in the care of hearing loss. They aim to treat patients with one instead of two hearing devices. The aim is to develop a superior biomimetic directional microphone for hearing devices, making it possible to improve the quality of hearing while reducing the costs.

Martijn Agterberg, Aria Samini, Kiana Kheirghah and Isabel Rijk will perform a technical and commercial feasibility study. The technical feasibility studies is based on previous research of the applicant (open mind project entitled ‘The Dynamic ears of Bees’). The commercial feasibility study will investigate the market aspects related to the creation of a spin-off company and they will explore whether hearing and insurance companies are willing to co-develop the technology.

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