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Useful information: please read our guideline:
Guideline for Internships (pptx, 64 kB)

Internship Lab Journal (pdf, 35 kB)

There are many opportunities for bachelor's and master's research projects in the department:

Van Opstal group: This group studies the auditory system. It has opportunities for students interested hearing, sound localization behaviour and eye-head movements.

Van Wezel group: In the lab of Richard van Wezel we study how activity of groups of neurons results into behaviour. We investigate how visual perception and cognition can be explained in terms of electrical activity in networks of communicating neurons. Our goal is to study these processes from the level of single neurons to large scale brain networks.
To cover all these different levels of neural processing we rely on neurophysiological methods like single unit recordings, multi-array ensemble recordings, two-photon imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging, photoacoustics and behavioural measurements.

Kappen group: This team investigates machine learning, in particular Bayesian inference, graphical models and approximate inference in medical diagnosis.

All students are invited to contact the group leaders for more information.

More information: Impuls-Biofysica (pdf, 1,2 MB)