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1999 papers

  • Bakker, B. and Heskes, T.M.
    Model clustering by deterministic annealing.
    In Verleysen, M., ed., Proc of the European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks '99, 87-92, 1999
  • Bakker, B. and Heskes, T.M
    A neural-Bayesian approach to survival analysis 
    Artificial Neural Networks 9 Vol 2: 832-837, 1999
  • Barber, D. and Wiegerinck, W.
    Tractable variational structures for approximating graphical models
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems NIPS 11: 183-189, 1999
  • Beuzekom, A.D. van and Gisbergen, J.A.M. van
    Comparison of tilt estimates based on line settings, saccadic pointing and verbal reports.
    Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 871: 451-454, 1999
  • Bolhuis, B.M. van and. Gielen, C.C.A.M,
    A comparison of models explaining muscle activation patterns for isometric contractions.
    Biological Cybernetics 81: 249-261, 1999 (pdf (pdf, 629 kB))
  • Cemgil, A., Desain, P. and Kappen, H.J.
    Rhythm quantization for transcription.
    Proc. of the AISB'99 Convention, Edinburgh, UK. 140-146, 1999
  • Chaturvedi, V. and Gisbergen, J.A.M. van
    Perturbation of combined saccade-vergence movements by microstimulation in monkey superior colliculus.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 81: 2279-2296, 1999 (pdf (pdf, 228 kB))
  • Desain, P., Aart, R., Cemgil, A., Kappen, H., Thienen, H.V. and Trilsbeek, P.
    Robust time-quantization for music
    Proceedings of the AES 106th Convention, Munich, Germany. AES, 1999
  • Duysens J., van de Crommert H.W.A.A., Hopman M. and Mulder T,
    Electrical stimulation for activation of the central pattern generator for locomotion.
    Biomedical aspects of manual wheelchair propulsion.
    The State of the Art II. Ed. L.H.V. van der Woude, M.T.E. Hopman, C.H. van Kemenade. Assistive Technology Research Series 5, IOS Press Amsterdam, 277-286, 1999
  • Faist, M., Blahak, C., Duysens, J. and Berger, W.
    Modulation of the biceps femoris tendon jerk reflex during human locomotion.
    Experimental Brain Research 125: 265-270, 1999
  • Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    What does EMG tell us about muscle function?
    Motor Control 3: 9-11, 1999
  • Gielen, C C.A.M.
    Neurale netwerken en slimme selectie: onbegrensde mogelijkheden?
    Grenzeloze selectie. R. Welters ed. Nijmegen University Press, Nijmegen. 39-47, 1999
  • Gisbergen, J.A.M. van and Beuzekom, A.D. van
    Characterisation of systematic and random errors in roll-tilt estimates obtained with three different paradigms.
    Arch. Ital. Biol. 137 (Suppl.):25-26, 1999
  • Gisbergen, J.A.M. van and Chaturvedi, V.
    Adding depth to the picture.
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22: 701-702, 1999
  • Goossens, H.H.L.M. and Opstal, A.J. van
    Influence of head position on the spatial representation of acoustic targets.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 81:2720-2736, 1999
  • Heskes, T.M.
    Energy functions for self-organizing.
    Kohonen Maps. 303-315, 1999
  • Heskes, T.M.
    On natural learning and pruning in multi-layered perceptrions
    Neural Computation 12(4): 1037-1057, 1999
  • Keijsers, L.W., Horstink, M.W.I.M. and  Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Detection and assessment of the severity of Levodopa induced dyskinesia in patients with Parkinson's disease by neural networks
    Proc of the 11th Belgium/Netherlands Artificial Intelligence Conference E. Postma ed. 179-186, 1999
  • Laar, P. van de, Heskes T.M., Gielen C.C.A.M.
    Partial retraining: a new approach to input relevance determination.
    International Journal of  Neural Systems 9(1): 75-85, 1999
  • Laar, P. van de and Heskes, T. (1999).
    Pruning using parameter and neuronal metrics.
    Neural Computation 11(4) 977-993, 1999
  • Leisink, M.A.R. and Kappen, H.J.
    Validity of tap equations in neural networks.
    Artificial Neural Networks 9(2): 425-431, 1999
  • Medendorp, W.P., van Asselt, S. and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Pointing to remembered visual targets after active one-step self-displacements within reaching space.
    Experimental Brain Research 125: 50-60, 1999 (pdf (pdf, 96 kB))
  • Medendorp W.P., Bakker B.J., Van Gisbergen J.A.M., and Gielen C.C.A.M.
    Human gaze stabilization for voluntary off-centric head rotations.
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 871: 426-429, 1999
  • Medendorp, W.P., Gisbergen, J.A.M. van, Horstink, M.W.I.M. and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Donders' law in torticollis
    Journal of Neurophysiology 82, 2833-2839, 1999 (pdf (pdf, 222 kB))
  • Schillings. A.M., Wezel. B.M.H. van, Mulder. Th. and Duysens J.E.
    Widespread short-latency  stretch reflexes and their modulation during stumbling over obstacles.
    Brain Research 816: 480-486, 1999
  • Silva, C., Almeida, R., Oostendorp, T.F., Ducla-Soares, E., Foreid, J.P. and Pimentel, T.
    Interictal spike localization using a standard realistic head model: simulations and analysis of clinical data.
    Clinical Neurophysiology 110: 846-855, 1999
  • Stroeve, S., Kappen, B., and Gielen, S.
    Stimulus segmentation in a stochastic neural network with exogenous signals.
    Proc. Artificial Neural Networks Vol 9(2), 732-737, 1999
  • Stroeve, S.
    Impedance characteristics of a neuromusculoskeletal model of the human arm. I. Posture control.
    Biological Cybernetics 81(5-6): 475-495, 1999
  • Stroeve, S.
    Impedance characteristics of a neuromusculoskeletal model of the human arm. II. Movement control.
    Biological Cybernetics 81(5-6): 495-505, 1999
  • Westerdijk, M., Barber, D., and Wiegerinck, W.
    Generative vector quantisation.
    Proc. Artificial Neural Networks 9(2), 934-940, 1999
  • Wiegerinck, W.A.J.J., Kappen, H.J., Nijman, M.J., Braak, ter E.W.M.T. and Burg, ter W.J.
    Approximate inference for medical diagnosis
    Pattern Recognition Letters 20: 1231-1239, 1999