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2002 papers

  • Admiraal, M.A., Medendorp, W.P. and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Three-dimensional head and upper arm orientations during kinematically redundant movements and at rest.
    Experimental Brain Research 142: 181-192, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 191 kB))
  • Beuzekom, A.D. van and Gisbergen, J.A.M. van
    Collicular microstimulation during passive rotation does not generate fixed gaze shifts.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 87: 2946-2963, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 2,7 MB))
  • Beuzekom, A.D. van and Gisbergen, J.A.M. van
    Interaction between visual and vestibular signals for the control of rapid eye movements.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 88: 306-322, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 772 kB))
  • Cemgil, A.T. and Kappen, H.J. .
    Integrating tempo tracking and quantization using particle filtering
    Proc of 2002 Int Computer Music Conference, Gothenburg/Sweden, 419-422, 2002
  • Commissaris, D.A., Nieuwenhuijzen, P.H., Overeem, S., de Vos A., Duysens, J.E. and Bloem, B.R.
    Dynamic posturography using a new movable multidirectional platform driven by gravity.
    Journal Neuroscience Methods 113(1), 73-84, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 401 kB))
  • Corneil, B.D., Wanrooij, M. van, Munoz, D.P. and Opstal, A.J. van
    Auditory-visual interactions subserving goal-directed saccades in complex scene.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 88: 438-454, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 1,2 MB))
  • Cornelisse, L.N., Deumens, R., Coenen, J.J.A., Roubos, E.W., Gielen, C.C.A.M., Ypey, D.L., Jenks, B.G. and Scheenen, W.J.J.M.
    Sauvagine regulates Ca2+ oscillations and electrical membrane activity of melanotrope cells of Xenopus laevis.
    Journal of Neuroendocrinology 14: 778-787(pdf (pdf, 751 kB))
  • Donker, S.F., Mulder, Th., Nienhuis B. and Duysens, J.E.
    Adaptations in arm movements for added mass to wrist or ankle during walking.
    Experimental Brain Research 145, 26-31, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 112 kB))
  • Duysens, J.E.
    Human gait as a step in evolution. Editorial
    Brain 125, 2589-2590, 2002 (pdf) (pdf, 38 kB)
  • Duysens, J., Crommert, H.W.A.A. van de, Smits-Engelsman, B.C.M. and Helm, F.C.T. van der
    A walking robot called human: lessons to be learned from neural control of locomotion.
    Journal of Biomechanics 35, 447-453, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 127 kB))
  • Duysens, J.E., and Smits-Engelsman, B.C.M.
    Lopen op je ruggenmerg?
    Neuropraxis 2, 40-46, 2002
  • Duysens, J.E., Weerdesteyn, V. van, Schillings, I. and Smits-Engelsman, B.C.M.
    Veroudering van het bewegingsapparaat: over struikelen, vallen en uitglijden.
    Neuropraxis 6: 180-184, 2002
  • Fernandez, G., Fell, J. and Fries, P.
    Response: the birth of a memory.
    Trends in Neurosciences, 25(6), 281-282, 2002 (pdf) (pdf, 136 kB)
  • Francis, G. and Hermens, F.
    Comment on “Competition for consciousness among visual events: the psychophysics of reentrant visual processes”
    (Di Lollo, Enns, & Rensink, 2000)
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 131(4): 590-593, 2002 (pdf) (pdf, 50 kB)
  • Fries, P., Schroder, J.-H., Roelfsema, P. R., Singer, W. and Engel, A. K.
    Oscillatory neuronal synchronization in primary visual cortex as a correlate of stimulus selection.
    The Journal of Neuroscience, 22(9), 3739-3754, 2002 (pdf) (pdf, 1,5 MB)
  • Gabel, S.F., Misslisch, H., Gielen C.C.A.M. and Duysens, J.E.
    Responses of neurons in area VIP to self-induced and external visual motion.
    Experimental Brain Research 147, 520-528, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 370 kB))
  • Gabel, S.F., Misslisch, H., Schaafsma, S.J. and Duysens, J.E.
    Temporal properties of optic flow responses in the ventral intraparietal area.
    Visual Neuroscience, 19: 381-388, 2002
  • Heskes, T.M.
    Slim Distributiesysteem zorgt voor hogere verkoop "it kin net!" Vakblad Management Team, 22-02-02 ,2002
  • Heskes, T.M., Bakker, B. and Kappen, H.J.
    Approximate algorithms for neural-bayesian approaches.
    Theoretical Computer Science 287: 219-238, 2002 (pdf) (pdf, 240 kB)
  • Heskes T.M. and Zoeter, O.R.
    Expectation propagation for approximate inference in dynamic Bayesian networks,
    In: Proceedings Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, vol 18, 216-223, 2002
  • Hofman, P.M., and Opstal, A.J. van.
    Bayesian reconstruction of sound localization cues from responses to random spectra.
    Biological Cybernetics, 86(4), 305-316, 2002
  • Hofman, P.M., Vlaming, M.S.M.G, Termeer, P.J.J. and Opstal, A.J. van.
    A method to induce swapped binaural hearing.
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 113: 167-179, 2002 (pdf) (pdf, 468 kB)
  • Kappen H.J. and Wiegerinck W.A.J.J.
    Novel iteration schemes for the cluster variation method.
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 14, Part III Theory, vol 14, 415-422.,2002
  • Klein Breteler, M.D., Meulenbroek, R.G.J. and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    An evaluation of the minimum-jerk and minimum torque-change principles at the path, trajectory, and movement-cost levels.
    Motor Control 6, 69-83, 2002
  • Leisink, M. and Kappen, H.J.
    Means, correlations and bounds,
    In: Advanced in Neural Information Processing Systems, 14, vol 14-1, 455-462 ,2002
  • Medendorp, W.P., Gisbergen, J.A.M. van and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Human gaze stabilization during active head translations.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 87, 295-304, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 225 kB))
  • Nieuwenhuijzen P.H.J.A., Grüneberg C. and Duysens J.E.
    Mechanically induced ankle inversion during human walking and jumping.
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 117: 133-140, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 234 kB))
  • Oostendorp, T.F., Nenonen, J. and Korhonen, P.
    Non-invasive determination of the activation sequence of the heart: application to patients with previous myocardial infarctions.
    J. Electrocardiol. S35, 75-80, 2002
  • Oostenveld, R. and Oostendorp, T.F.
    Validating the boundary element method for forward and inverse EEG computations in the presence of a hole in the skull.
    Human Brain Mapping 17, 179-192, 2002
  • Opstal, A.J. van.
    The gaze control system.
    Models of Neural Networks, Vol IV, Early Vision and Attention, L.J. van Hemmen, J.D. Cowan, and E. Domany (eds),
    chapter 2 pp 47-95, 2002
  • Pantic, L.,  Torres, J.J., Kappen, H.J. and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Associative memory with dynamic synapses.
    Neural Computation 14, 2903–2923, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 1,9 MB))
  • Schroder, J.-H., Fries, P., Roelfsema, P.R., Singer, W. and Engel, A. K.
    Ocular dominance in extrastriate cortex of strabismic amblyopic cats.
    Vision Research, 42(1), 29-39, 2002
  • Smits-Engelsman, B.C.M., Galen, G.P. van and Duysens, J.E.
    The breakdown of Fitt’s law in rapid reciprocal aiming movements.
    Experimental Brain Research 222-230, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 102 kB))
  • Smits-Engelsman, B.C.M., Rijken, H., Graaf, H. van de and Duysens, J.E.
    Loopbandtraining met gewichtloosheidsimulatie: een nieuwe trainingsvorm binnen de fysiotherapie bij patienten met centraal neurologische aandoeningen.
    Jaarboek Fysiotherapie Kinesiotherapie. P. Vaes, G. Kwakkel, B.C.M. Smits-Engelsman, A.P. Verhagen (red.), Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, Houten 86-107, 2002
  • Swinnen, S.P., Dounskaia, N. and Duysens, J.E.
    Patterns of bimanual interference reveal movement encoding within a radial egocentric reference frame.
    Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 14(3), 463-471, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 193 kB))
  • Verschueren, S.M.P., Swinnen, S.P., Desloovere, K. and Duysens, J.E.
    Effects of tendon vibration on the spatiotemporal characteristics of human locomotion.
    Experimental Brain Research, 143: 231-239, 2002 (pdf (pdf, 194 kB))
  • Wiegerinck, W.A.J.J. and Heskes, T.M. 
    Dealing with the data flood. Mining data, text and multimedia.
    Belief networks/Bayesian networks, 660-665, 2002
  • Wiegerinck, W.A.J.J. and Heskes, T.M.
    IPF for discrete chain factor graphs.
    In: Proceedings Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 18: 560-567,2002
  • Ypma, A. and Heskes, T.M.
    Categorization of web pages and user clustering with mixtures of hidden Markov models.
    Int. Workshop on Web Knowledge Discovery and Data mining, 31-43, 2002