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2005 papers

  • Albers C.A.,Leisink M.,Kappen H.J. .
    The cluster variation method for efficient linkage analysis on extended pedigrees
    BMC Bioinformatics, Special issue on Machine Learning in Computational Biology, 2005
  • Bell, A.H., Meredith, M.A., Opstal, A.J. van, and Munoz, D.P.
    Crossmodal Integration in the Primate Superior Colliculus Underlying the Preparation and Initiation of Saccadic Eye Movements.
    Journal of Neurophysiology, 93: 3659-3673 , 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 1,6 MB)
  • Coolen, A.C.C., Skantzos, N.S., Pérez Castillo, I., Pérez Vicente, C.J., Hatchett, J.P.L., Wemmenhove, B. and T Nikoletopoulos, T.
    Finitely connected vector spin systems with random matrix interactions
    Journal of Physics A, 38:8289-8318, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 458 kB)
  • Cortes J.M.,Garrido P.L.,Kappen H.J.,Marro J.,Morrillas C,Navivad D,Torres J.J. 
    Algorithms for Identification and Categorization, Proceedings of the AIP Conference. vol 779, 178-184, 2005
  • Heskes, T.M., Opper, M., Wiegerinck, W.A.J.J., Winther, O., Zoeter O.R.
    Approximate inference techniques with expectation  constraints.
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P11015, 2005
  • Hoebeek, F.E., Stahl, J.S., Alphen A.M. van, Schonewille, M., Luo, C., Rutteman, M., Maagdenberg A.M.J.M. van de, Molenaar, P.C., Goossens, H.H.L.M., Frens, M.A. and Zeeuw C.I. de 
    Increased noise level of Purkinje cell activities minimizes impact of their modulation during sensorimotor control.
    Neuron, 45 (6): 953-65, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 638 kB)
  • Kappen H.J. .
    Intelligente machines,
    Inaugurele rede, 2005
  • Kappen, H.J.
    Path integrals and symmetry breaking for optimal control theory
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics, Theory and Experiment, P11011, 2005
  • Kappen, H.J.
    A linear theory for control of non-linear stochastic systems.
    Physical Review Letters 95 20, volume 95, 200201, 1-4, 2005
  • Kaptein, R.G. and Gisbergen, J.A.M. van
    Nature of the transition between two modes of external space perception in tilted subjects.
    J. Neurophysiol. 93: 3356-3369,  2005 (pdf) (pdf, 822 kB)
  • Keijsers, N.L.W., Admiraal, M.A., Cools, A.R., Bloem, B.R.and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Differential progression of proprioceptive and visual information processing deficits in Parkinson's disease.
    European Journal of Neuroscience 21(1):239-248, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 654 kB)
  • Koopman, Werner J.H.,  Willems, Peter H.G.M.,  Oosterhof, Arie,  Kuppeveld, Toin H. van, Gielen, Stan C.A.M.
    Amplitude modulation of nuclear Ca 2+ signals in human skeletal myotubes: A possible role for nuclear Ca 2+ buffering
    Cell Calcium  38: 141-152, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 500 kB)
  • Kusters, J.M.A.M., Dernison M.M., Meerwijk, W.P.M. van, Ypey, D.L., Theuvenet, A.P.R., Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Stabilizing Role of Calcium Store-Dependent Plasma Membrane Calcium Channels in Action-Potential Firing and Intracellular Calcium Oscillations
    Biophysical Journal, Vol. 89, 3741-3756, 2005
  • Mooij J.M.,Kappen H.J. .
    Sufficient conditions for convergence of Loopy Belief Propagation
    Proceedings UAI 2005, pages 396-403, 2005
  • Mooij J.M.,Kappen H.J. .
    Validity Estimates for Loopy Belief Propagation on Binary Real-world Networks
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 17, volume 17, pages 945-952, 2005
  • Mooij J.M.,Kappen H.J. .
    On the properties of the Bethe approximation and loopy belief propagation on binary networks.
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P11012, 2005
  • Oostendorp, T.F.
    Generic and Specific Software Tools for Bioelectric Source Modeling
    International Journal Bioelectromagnetism, 7: 199-203, 2005
  • Pelt, S. van, Gisbergen, J.A.M. van and Medendorp
    Visuospatial memory computations during whole-body rotations in roll
    J. Neurophysiol. 94: 1432-1442, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 607 kB)
  • Schillings, A.M., Mulder Th., Duysens, J.
    Stumbling over Obstacles in Older Adults Compared to Young Adults
    Journal of Neurophysiology: 94, 1158-1168, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 487 kB)
  • Todd, James T., Thaler, Lore and Dijkstra,  Tjeerd M.H.
    The effects of field of view on the perception of 3D slant from texture.
    Vision Research 45(12): 1501-1517, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 792 kB)
  • Vliegen J, Van Grootel TJ, Van Opstal AJ.
    Gaze orienting in dynamic visual double steps.
    J Neurophysiology 94: 4300-4313, 2005
    (pdf) (pdf, 741 kB)
  • Wanrooij, M.M. van and Opstal, A.J. van
    Relearning Sound Localization with a New Ear.
    Journal of Neuroscience, 25: 5413-5424, 2005 (pdf) (pdf, 2,1 MB)
  • Wemmenhove B., Kappen H.J. .
    Survey propagation at finite temperature: application to a Sourlas code as a toy model,
    Journal of Physics A, 2005
  • Wemmenhove, B., Nikoletopulos T, Hatchett, J.P.L.
    Replica Symmetry breaking in the small world spin glass.
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, P11007, 2005
  • Wiegerinck W.A.J.J. .
    Approximations with Reweighted Generalized Belief Propagation
    AISTATS 2005, pages 421-428, 2005
  • Wiegerinck W.A.J.J. .
    Modeling Bayesian Networks by Learning from Experts, 17th Belgian-Dutch Conference on AI (BNAIC'05),
    Brussels, 2005 p305-310, editor Verbeek, K., Tuyls, K., Nowé, A., Manderick, B. and Kuypers, B.
  • Zoeter O.R. . 
    Change Point Problems in Linear Dynamical Systems
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 6 (dec): 1999-2026,  2005 (pdf) (pdf, 222 kB)