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2007 papers

  • Albers C.A.,Heskes T.M.,Kappen H.J.
    Haplotype Inference in General Pedigrees using the Cluster Variation Method
    Genetics ,177: 1101-1116, 2007
  • Albers C.A.,Kappen H.J.  |
    Modeling linkage disequilibrium in exact linkage,
    BMC Proceedings of the genetic Analysis Workshop 15: Gene Expression Analysis and Approaches to Detecting Multiple Functional Loci, vol. 1, pp.
    S159, 2007
  • Bremen, P., van der Willigen, R.F. and van Opstal, A.J.
    Using double-magnetic induction to measure head-unrestrained gaze shifts. I. Theory and validation.
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods  160, 75-84, 2007   (pdf) (pdf, 874 kB)
  • Bremen, Peter, van der Willigen, Robert F. and van Opstal, A.John
    Applying double magnetic induction to measure two-dimensional head-unrestrained gaze 
    J. Neurophysiol.
    98: 3759-3769, 2007  (pdf) (pdf, 1,7 MB)
  • Broek J.L. van den, Wiegerinck W.A.J.J., Kappen H.J.
    Optimal Control in Large Stochastic Multi-Agent Systems
    Alamas 07, Maastricht 2-3 April., pages 9-10. 2007
  • van Dam, P.M., Oostendorp, T.F. and Oosterom, A. van
    Simulating ecg changes during acute myocardial ischemia
    Computers in Cardiology 34: 325-328, 2007
  • Donner, Tobias H. , Siegel, Markus , Oostenveld, Robert,  Fries, Pascal, Bauer ,Markus and Engel,Andreas K.
    Population Activity in the Human Dorsal Pathway Predicts the Accuracy of Visual Motion Detection
    J Neurophysiol 98:345-359, 2007.(pdf) (pdf, 521 kB)
  • Fries, P., Nikolic, D. and Singer, W.
    The gamma cycle.
    Trends in Neurosciences, 30 (7), 309-316, 2007 (pdf) (pdf, 1 MB)
  • Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Natural intelligence and artificial intelligence: bridging the gap between neurons and neuro-imaging to understand intelligent behaviour.
    In: Challenges for Computational Intelligence (Wlodzislaw Duch and Jacek Mandziuk, Eds.) Vol 63 if the series Studies in Computational Intelligence (Janusz Kacprzyk series Ed.), Springer Verlag 2007, pp. 145-162.
  • Kappen, H.J.
    An introduction to stochastic control theory, path integrals and reinforcement learning.
    9th Granada seminar on Computational Physics: Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Cooperative Behavior in Neural Systems, American Institute of Physics . pp. 149-181.
  • Kusters, J.M.A.M., Cortes, J.M., van Meerwijk, W.P.M., Ypey, D.L., Theuvenet, A.P.R. and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Oscillatory activity in cells: Multi-stability and hysteresis.
    In: Cooperative Behavior in Neural Systems, Ninth Granada Lectures. Eds. P.L. Garrido, J. Marro, J.J. Torres. American Institute of Physics, Meville, New York, 2007, pp.  40-50.
  • Kusters, J.M.A.M., Cortes, J.M., van Meerwijk, W.P.M., Ypey, D.L., Theuvenet, A.P.R. and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Hysteresis and Bistability in a Realistic Cell Model for Calcium Oscillations  and Action Potential Firing
    Physical Review Letters  98, 098107, 1-4, 2007
  • Linnenbank, A.C., van Oosterom, A., Oostendorp, T.F., van Dessel, P.F.H.M, van Rossum, A.C., Coronel, R., Tan, H.L. and de Bakker, J.M.T.
    Relative contribution of heart regions to the precordial ecg-an inverse computational approach
    IFMBE proceedings, 16: 42-45, 2007
  • Marinazzo, D., Kappen, H.J., and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Input-Driven Oscillations in Networks with Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurons with Dynamic Synapsis
    Neural Computation 19, 1739-1765, 2007
  • Medendorp, W. Pieter,  Kramer, Geerten F.I., Jensen, Ole, Oostenveld, Robert, Schoffelen, Jan-Mathijs  and Fries, Pascal
    Oscillatory Activity in Human Parietal and Occipital Cortex Shows Hemispheric Lateralization and Memory Effects in a Delayed Double-Step Saccade Task
    Cerebral Cortex 17:2364--2374, 2007
  • Mooij, J. and Kappen, H.
    Loop corrections for approximate inference on factor graphs.
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 8, 1113-1143, 2007
  • Mooij J.M.,Kappen H.J.
    Sufficient Conditions for Convergence of the Sum-Product Algorithm,
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory , 53: 4422-4437, 2007 .
  • Mooij, J., Wemmenhove, S., Kappen, H. and Rizzo, T.
    Loop corrected  belief propagation.
    Proceedings of the eleventh International conference on Artificial  Intelligence and Statistics, http://www.stat.umn.edu/~aistat/proceedings/start.htm, volume web, pages 8 pages , 2007
  • Oude Nijhuis, Lars B., Janssen, Loes,  Bloem, Bastiaan R., van Dijk, J. Gert, Gielen, Stan C., Borm, George F. and Overeem, Sebastiaan
    Choice reaction times for human head rotations are shortened by startling acoustic stimuli, irrespective of stimulus direction
    J Physiol 584(1),  97–109, 2007 (pdf) (pdf, 482 kB)
  • Riecke, Lars, van Opstal, A. John, Goebel, Rainer and Formisano, Elia
    Hearing Illusory Sounds in Noise:
    Sensory-Perceptual Transformations in Primary Auditory Cortex.
    The Journal of Neuroscience 27(46), 12684-12689 2007
  • Rizzo T., Wemmenhove B., Kappen H.J. 
    Cavity approximation for graphical models
    Physical Review E, section Statistical physics, vol Rev. E 76, pages 1-9, 2007  CD
  • Schubert, Dirk
    Observing without disturbing: how different cortical neuron classes represent tactile stimuli.
    J Physiol 581.1 : 5, 2007
  • Siegel, M., Donner, Th., Oostenveld, R., Fries, P., and Engel, A.K.
    High-frequency activity in human visual cortex is modulated by visual motion strength.
    Cerebral Cortex 17 (3), 732-741, 2007
  • Svendsen, M. and Oostendorp, T.F.
    Evaluation of auto-regressive modeling procedures for the detection of abnormal intra-qrs potentials using a boundary element electrocardiogram model
    Computers in Cardiology 34: 289-292, 2007
  • Torres J.J., Cortes J.M., Marro J., Kappen H.J.
    Competition between synaptic depression and facilitation in attractor neural networks,
    Neural Computation  19(10): 2739-2755, 2007
  • Torres, J.J., Cortes, J.M., Marro, J., Kappen, H.J.
    Attractor neural networks with activity-dependent synapses: The role of synaptic facilitation.
    Neurocomputing 70 (10-12): 2022-2025, 2007
  • Vingerhoets, R.A.A., van Gisbergen, J.A.M. and Medendorp, W.P.
    Verticality perception during off-vertical axis rotation.
    Journal of Neurophysiology  97, 3256-3268, 2007 (pdf)
  • de Vrijer, Maaike, Medendorp, W. Pieter and van Gisbergen, Jan
    Shared computational mechanism for tilt compensation accounts for biased verticality percepts in motion and pattern vision.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 19, 2007 (accepted)
  • van Wanrooij, M. and van Opstal, A.
    Sound localization under perturbed binaural hearing.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 97, 715-726, 2007
  • van Wanrooij, M. 
    Monaural adaptive mechanisms in human sound localization
    PhD Thesis Marc van Wanrooij , Radboud University  Nijmegen 2007
  • Wemmenhove B.,Mooij J.M.,Wiegerinck W.A.J.J.,Leisink M.,Kappen H.J.,Neijt J.P. (2007).
    Inference in the Promedas medical expert system,
    Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 07)  vol.4594, 456-460, 2007
  • Wiegerinck, W., Broek, B. van den, Kappen, H.
    Optimal on-line scheduling in stochastic multi-agent systems in continous space and time.
    Proceedings AAMAS
    http://www.stat.umn.edu/~aistat/proceedings/start.htm, , volume On-line, 2007
  • Womelsdorf, T., Schoffelen, J-M., Oostenveld, R., Singer, W., Desimone, R. Engel, A., and Fries, P.,
    Modulation of Neuronal Interactions Through Neuronal Synchronization.
    Science, 316, 1609-1612, 2007 (pdf (pdf, 349 kB) )