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2009 papers

  • Cagnan, H., Meijer, H.G.E., van Gils, S.A., Krupa, M., Heida, T., Rudolph, M., Wadman, W., Martens, H.
    Frequency-selectivity of a thalamocortical relay neuron during Parkinson's disease and deep brain stimulation: a computational study
    European Journal of Neuroscience 30 (2009) 7: 1306-1317.
  • Dam, Peter M. van, Oostendorp, Thom F., Oosterom, Adriaan van 
    Application of the fastest route algorithm in the interactive simulation of the effect of local ischemia on the ECG.
    Med Biol Eng Comput 47 (2009): 11–20 (pdf) (pdf, 454 kB)
  • Dam, Peter M. van, Oostendorp, Thom F., Linnenbank, Andre C., Oosterom, Adriaan van 
    Non-Invasive Imaging of Cardiac Activation and Recovery
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering, published online 27 June 2009 (pdf)
  • Dam, Peter M. van, Oostendorp, Thom F., Linnenbank, Andre C., Oosterom, Adriaan van 
    Non-Invasive Imaging of Cardiac Activation and Recovery
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Volume 37, Issue 9 (2009), 1739-1756 (pdf) (pdf, 1,3 MB)
  • Fries, P.
    Neuronal Gamma-Band Synchronization as a Fundamental Process in Cortical Computation
    Annual Review of Neuroscience (2009) 32: 209-224 (pdf) (pdf, 396 kB)
  • Fries, P.
    The Model- and the Data-Gamma
    Neuron (2009) 64: 601-602 (pdf) (pdf, 125 kB)
  • Fukuoka, Y, Oostendorp, T, Armoundas, A.
    Method for guiding the ablation catheter to the ablation site: a simulation and experimental study.
    Med Biol Eng Comp (2009) 47: 267-278 (pdf) (pdf, 658 kB)
  • Gielen, Constantinus C.A.M., Dijkstra, Tjeerd M.H., Roozen, Irene J., Welten, Joke
    Coordination of gaze and hand movements for tracking and tracing in 3D
    Cortex 45 (2009): 340-355 (pdf) (pdf, 959 kB)
  • Gomez, V., Kaltenbrunner, A., Lopez, V., Kappen, H.J.
    Self-organization using synaptic plasticity.
    Advance in Neural Information Processing Systems, Vol 22, pages 513-520
  • Gomez, V., Kappen, H.J., Chertkov, M.
    Approximate inference on planar graphs using Loop Calculus and Belief Propagation
    Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. Proceedings of the 25th conference.
  • Grootel, T. van, Opstal, A.J. van 
    Human sound-localization behavior after multiple changes in eye position.
    European Journal of Neuroscience, 19, 2233-2246, 2009 (pdf)
  • Helm, A. van der , Treder, M.S.
    Detection of (anti)symmetry and (anti)reception: Perceptual mechanisms versus cognitive strategies.
    Vision Research, 2009, in press (pdf) (pdf, 546 kB)
  • Hooijmans, C.R., Van der Zee, C.E., Dederen, P.J., Brouwer, K.M., Reijmer, Y.D., Van Groen, T., Broersen, L.M., Lütjohann, D., Heerschap, A., Kiliaan, A.J.
    DHA and cholesterol containing diets influence Alzheimer-like pathology, cognition and cerebral vasculature in APPswe/PS1dE9 mice.
    Neurobiol Dis. 209 Mar; 33(3): 482-98
  • Hooijmans, C.R., Blom, H.J., Oppenraaij-Emmerzaal, D., Ritskes-Hoitinga, M., Kiliaan, A.J.
    S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine levels in the aging brain of APP/PSI Alzheimer mice.
    Neurol. Sci. 2009 June 30.
  • Hurk, P. A. M. van den, Giommi, F., Gielen, S., Speckens, A. E. M., Barendregt, H.P.
    Greater efficiency in attentional processing related to mindfulness meditation.
    The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, september 2009, 1747-0226 (pdf) (pdf, 439 kB)

  • Matondo RB, Punt C, Homberg J, Toussaint MJM, Kisjes R, Korporaal SJA, Akkerman JWN, Cuppen E, de Bruin A
    Deletion of the serotonin transporter in rats disturbs serotonin homeostasis without impairing liver regeneration
    American Journal of Physiology – Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 296(4):G963-8

  • Mierlo, T. van, Rutten, K., Dederen, J., Bloks, W.W., van Vark-vander Zee, L.C., Kuipers, F., Kiliaan, A., Blokland, A., Sijbrands, E.J., Steinbusch, H., Prickaerts, J., Lütjohann, D., Mulder, M.
    Liver X receptor activation restores memory in aged AD mice without reducing amyloid.
    Neurobiol Aging, 2009
  • Mooij, J., Kappen, H.J.
    Bounds on marginal probability distributions.
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, vol 22, 1105-1113, 2009
  • Vingerhoets, R.A.A., Vrijer, M. de, Gisbergen, J.A.M. van, Medendorp, W.P.
    Fusion of visual and vestibular tilt cues in the perception of visual vertical.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 101 (2009): 1321-1333 (pdf) (pdf, 645 kB)
  • Vrijer, M. de, Medendorp, W.P., Gisbergen, J.A.M. van
    Accuracy-precision trade-off in visual orientation constancy
    Journal of Vision (2009) 9 (2) 9: 1-15 (pdf) (pdf, 518 kB)
  • Wanrooij, M.M. van, Bell, A.B., Munoz, D.P., Opstal A.J.
    The effect of spatial-temporal audiovisual disparities on saccades in a complex scene.
    Exp. Brain Research, Epub, 2009 (pdf)
  • Wenlin Hao, Yang Liu, Shirong Liu, Marcus Grimm, Amanda Kiliaan, Botond Penke, Claudia RC, Michael Menger, and Klaus Fassbender
    MyD88-deficient bone marrow cells ameliorate Alzheimer's disease-related pathology.
    J Neurosci accepted

  • Werf, J. van der, Buchholz, V.N., Jensen, O, Medendorp, W.P.
    Neuronal synchronization in human parietal cortex during saccade planning.
    Behav Brain Res. 2009 Dec 28;205(2):329-35.

  • Zeitler, M, Daffertshofer and Gielen, C.C.A.M.
    Assymetry in pulse-coupled oscillators with delay.
    Physical Review E 79, 065203 (R), 1-4, 2009 (pdf)