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2021 papers

  1. Abdul-Jawad S., Coolen A.C.C., et al. (2021)
    Acute immune signatures and their legacies in severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus-2 infected cancer patients.
    Cancer Cell 39, 257–275
  2. Aguirre-Lopez F. And Coolen A.C.C. (2021)
    Transitions in loopy random graphs with fixed degrees and arbitrary degree distributions.
    Journal of Physics: Complexity 2 (2021) 035010
  3. G.C. Van Bentum, A.J. Van Opstal, and M.M Van Wanrooij
    Spatiotemporal factors influence sound-source segregation in localization behavior..
    Journal of Neurophysiology, 2021 Feb 1;125(2):556-567. doi: 10.1152/jn.00184.2020
  4. García J, MM van Wanrooij and AJ van Opstal (2021)
    Adaptive response behavior in the pursuit of unpredictably moving sounds
    eNeuro, 2021, accepted for publication
  5. Janssen, S. Heijs, J.J.A., Bittner, M., Droog, E., Bloem, B.R., van Wezel, R.J.A., Heida, T. (2021).
    Visual cues added to a virtual environment paradigm do not improve motor arrests in Parkinson’s disease.
    Journal of Neural Engineering. In Press
  6. Jones S, Noppeney U (2021)
    The impact of ageing on multisensory integration: Review of the evidence and a computational perspective.
  7. Kogo, N., Kern, F., Nowotny, Th., van Ee, R., van Wezel, R.J.A., Aihara, T. (2021).
    Dynamics of a mutual inhibition between pyramidal neurons compared to human perceptual competition.
    Journal of Neuroscience, 41 (6), 1251-1264
  8. Mol, A., Slangen, L, Wezel, R, van, Maier, A, Meskers, C (2021)
    Orthostatic blood pressure recovery associates with physical performance, frailty and number of falls in geriatric outpatients.,
    Journal of Hypertension, 39(1), 101-106
  9. Mol A, Meskers CG, Sanders ML, Müller M, Maier AB, van Wezel RJ, Claassen JA, Elting JW. (2021)
    Cerebral autoregulation assessed by near-infrared spectroscopy: validation using transcranial Doppler in patients with controlled hypertension, cognitive impairment and controls.
    European Journal of Applied Physiology. 2021 Apr 16:1-2
  10. Mol, A., Blom, M.E.C., van den Bosch, D.J., van Wezel, R.J.A., Meskers, C.G.M., Maier, A.B. (2021).
    Orthostatic blood pressure recovery measured using a sphygmomanometer is not associatted with physical performance or number of falls in geriatric outpatients.
    Gerontology, In Press
  11. Mozeika A, Sheikh M, Aguirre-Lopez F, Antenucci F, and Coolen A.C.C. (2021)
    Exact results on high-dimensional linear regression via statistical physics
    Physical Review E 103 (2021) 042142
  12. Noppeney U (2021)
    Perceptual inference, learning and attention in a multisensory world.
    Annual Review of Neuroscience
  13. Rijt LPH van de, AJ van Opstal, M Mathijs, M van Wanrooij (2021)
    Multisensory integration-attention trade-off in cochlear-implanted deaf individuals
    Frontiers in Neuroscience-Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, in press
  14. Sokoliuk R, Degano G, Banellis L, Melloni L, Hayton T, Sturman S, Veenith T, Yakoub K, Belli A, Noppeney U, Cruse D (2021)
    Covert speech comprehension predicts recovery from acute post-traumatic coma.
    Annals of Neurology
  15. L. Wang, E. Noordanus, and A.J. Van Opstal
    Estimating multiple latencies in the auditory system from auditory steady-state responses on a single EEG channel.
    Scientific Reports 11: 2150, 2021 (doi.org.10.1038/s41598-021-81232-5
  16. Wijk, AR de, Noldus LPJJ. (2021
    Using implicit rather than explicit measures of emotions
    Food quality and Preference 92 (2021) 104125