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PhD theses 1990-1999

W. Melssen
Binaural information processing in the auditory midbrain of the grassfrog.
20 september 1990, KUN
Th.H.J.M. Gootzen
Muscle fibre and motor unit action potentials : a biophysical basis for clinical electromyography
1990, KUN
W. Huisman
Sound propagation over vegetation-covered ground.
19 november 1990, KUN
J. Nijhuis
An engineering approach to neural system design.
18 januari 1993, KUN
T. Heskes
Learning processes in neural networks.
3 juni 1993, KUN
T.M.H. Dijkstra
Visual control of posture and visual perception of shape.
17 januari 1994, KUN
M. Theeuwen
The control of redundancy in joints and muscles in the human arm.
30 juni 1994, KUN
H. Strik
Physiological control and behaviour of the voice source in the production of prosody.
28 november 1994, KUN
M.J. van Gils
Peak identification in auditory evoked potentials using artificial neural networks.
16 mei 1995, T.U. Eindhoven.
M. Frens
Multi-sensory control of orienting movements.
20 juni 1995, KUN
B. Hoeks
The pupillary response as a measure of mental processing load.
11 september 1995, KUN
A. Minken
Three-dimensional control of binocular eye movements in far and near vision.
25 september 1995, KUN
W. Wiegerinck
Stochastic dynamics of on-line learning in neural networks.
29 januari 1996, KUN
B. Melis
Plasticity and kinematic constraints in 3-D eye-head control.
29 mei 1996, KUN
A. Berkhoff
Ultrasonic imaging in aberrating media. Simulation methods for the design of aberration correction schemes.
29 mei 1996, KUN
R. Glasius
Trajectory formation and population coding with topographical neural networks.
24 juni 1997, KUN.
S. Schaafsma
Responses to optic flow in the ventral intraparietal area.
24 juni 1997, KUN.
R. van Beers
Integration of visual and proprioceptive position-information.
13 oktober 1998, T.U. Delft
H.H.L.M. Goossens
Sensorimotor transformations and feedback signals involved in gaze control.
1 december 1998, KUN
B. van Bolhuis
On the control of the neuromuscular system: redundancy and task dependency in the coordination of muscle activation.
12 februari 1999, KUN
K. Krommenhoek
Nonretinal feedback in goal-oriented eye movements.
26 februar1 1999, KUN
P. van de Laar
Selection in neural information processing.
12 maart 1999, KUN
V. Chaturvedi
Neural mechanisms for the control of binocular refixations in direction and depth.
10 mei 1999, KUN