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PhD theses 2000-2009

K. Albers
Approximate Inference Methods for Genetic Linkage Analysis
23 oktober 2008, RU Nijmegen
R. Vingerhoets
Neural Computations in Spatial Orientation.
27 augustus 2008, RU Nijmegen 
M. Bauer
Functional roles of rhythmic neuronal activity in the human visual and somatosensory system.
3 juni 2008, RU Nijmegen
M. Kusters
Intercellular Synchronization of Intracellular Calcium Oscillations. A mechanism for Pacemaking and Propagation of Action potentials in Networks of Normal Rat Kidney Fibroblast.
8 mei 2008, RU Nijmegen
J. Mooij
Understanding and Improving Belief Propagation
7 mei 2008, RU Nijmegen
J-M. Schoffelen
Neuronal communication through coherence in the human motor system
25 mei, 2007, RU Nijmegen 
M. van Wanrooij
Monaural adaptive mechanisms in human sound localization
26 februari 2007, RU Nijmegen
J. Vliegen
Localization behavior in audiovisual space.
21 november 2006, RU Nijmegen
S. van Engeland
Detection of mass lesions in mammograms by using multiple views.
18 september 2006, RU Nijmegen
S. Timp
Analysis of temporal mammogram pairs to detect and characterise mass lesions.
6 juni 2006, RU Nijmegen
R.G. Kaptein
Vestibular contributions to visual stability.
29 maart 2006, RU Nijmegen
O.R. Zoeter
Monitoring non-linear and switching dynamical systems.
6 oktober 2005, RU Nijmegen
F. Hermens
Grasping oriented objects.
6 juni 2005, RU Nijmegen
C. Grüneberg
Postural reactions to tilting supports in standing, walking and jumping.
1 maart 2005, RU Nijmegen
A.M. Schillings
Stumbling over obstacles in young and older aldults .
18 januari 2005, RU Nijmegen
H.J.A. van Hedel
Obstacle avoidance. The acquisition and performance of a locomotor task. 
29 november 2004, RU Nijmegen
A.T. Cemgil
Bayesian music transcription.
14 september 2004, RU Nijmegen 
N.L.W. Keijsers
Detection and assessment of motor disorders in Parkinson's disease. 
25 juni 2004, KUN
M.A. Admiraal
The control of arm movements towards visual targets in 3-D space. 
25 juni 2004, KUN
H. Nieuwenhuijzen
Stiffness control of the leg in perturbed gait and posture.
20 april 2004, KUN
L.N. Cornelisse
Excitability and calcium signaling. A comparative study on Xenopus Laevis melanotrope cells and normal rat kidney fibroblasts.
16 april 2004, KUN
H.W.A.A. van de Crommert
Reflex control of gait and its relation to locomotion after a spinal cord injury.
6 februari 2004, KUN
E. de Visser
Posture and gait after limb saving surgery, a novel approach.
23 januari 2004, KUN
M.A.R Leisink
Graphical models and their (un)certainties.
16 januari 2004, KUN
B. Bakker
Bayesian methods for learning to learn.
10 oktober 2003, KUN
M. Zwiers
Cross-sensory calibration of spatial hearing.
4 juni 2003, KUN
M. Zwiers
Cross-sensory calibration of spatial hearing.
4 juni 2003, KUN
C. Bastiaanse
Loading and reflexes.
22 januari 2003, KUN 
S. Gabel
Optic flow: from neuron to behavior.
19 november 2002, KUN
T. Welter
EMG in planar arm movements with external forces in different directions applied at the wrist.
24 juni 2002, VU
A. van Beuzekom
Visual-vestibular interaction in spatial orientation.
17 februari 2002, KUN
M. Klein-Breteler
Biophysical and cognitive determinants of human trajectory formation.
4 december 2001, KUN
M. Westerdijk
Hidden variable models for knowledge discovery.
3 december 2001, KUN
P. Medendorp
Control of eye, head and arm movements for action and perception.
5 januari 2001, KUN
G. te Brake
Computer aided detection of masses in digital mammograms.
11 januari 2000, KUN
W.J.H. Veldkamp
Computer aided characterization of microcalcification clusters in mammograms.
4 oktober 2000, KUN
P. Hofman
On the role of spectral pinna cues in human sound localization.
14 december 2000, KUN