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Honorable Mention for Anne Wienand at Art of Neuroscience 2022

Date of news: 20 June 2022

On the path of green: science with a light footprint

Anne Wienand
Donders Institute.
2022 Honorable Mention

We can see an ALS mouse, a neurodegenerative model characterized by impairments of the motor system, exploring the CatWalk. This task uses the play of colors to help us detect the footprints of mice and test gait and locomotion. Provokingly, the mouse there evokes the construct of walking on a green track with light footprints, which resonates with the idea of diminishing the negative impact of animal research. As in the photo, even a light footprint on a green path still requires animal research, and it is as important to acknowledge this as it is to move towards more sustainable science.

20220620 foto mbt artikel anne wienand

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