Interdisciplinary Research Platform Voucher awarded to Snandan Sharma

Date of news: 4 July 2022
  • Fast, continuous, and complete estimation of acoustic spectrotemporal sensitivity
    Natural sounds consist of joint spectral and temporal modulations, and the human auditory system is tuned to such dynamically changing complex sounds. Conventional procedures to quantify hearing sensitivity ignore these sound modulations and instead focus on audibility of a small number of unmodulated, discrete frequencies. This focus prevents the diagnosis of speech-recognition impairment and central auditory processing disorder. For the patients suffering from these disorders – often children – it is essential to have an early and complete diagnosis to start treatment as soon as possible to improve the quality of life for the affected populations. To that end, we will develop a fast, objective method to estimate the sensitivity to spectrotemporal modulations of sounds by combining psychophysical and machine-learning methods in a novel fashion.
    • Main applicant: Snandan Sharma
    • Research institutes involved: DCN, iCIS
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