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Kickoff SmartNets

Date of news: 16 September 2020

September 16th, Kickoff of “SmartNets”:
7 PIs from 5 universities work together with 6 partner organisations to understand network computations in this Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Network "SmartNets".

In order to compare networks, simulated or physical ones, or healthy versus diseased, network analysis and visualization tools are needed across three analysis dimensions: structure, activity and information processing. Many quantitative tools exist for analysing networks, but they are mostly restricted to one application domain or network type and often only address one of these dimensions. The novelty of the contributions of SmartNets will lie in the combination of existing and new techniques, from different research domains, and across the three analysis dimensions. By transcending specific data sets or domains, the researchers expect to open up new insights into the properties, behaviour and dynamic evolution of biological networks. They will train the data scientists of the future, that will be able to analyse biological networks across levels, domains and types.