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Our research


Research in the Department of Neurophysiology is focused on the organization and function of neural circuits with a particular focus on

  • circuit formation and information processing in the brain
  • the role of sensory and perceptual experience in shaping neural circuits
  • the neural basis of memory at the molecular, cellular, synaptic and/or network levels
  • controlling neural activity and brain plasticity (to shape sensation-perception-action)
  • distributed knowledge representations in the brain
  • state dependent information processing and memory storage
  • mechanisms for active sensing and adaptive computation
  • sensorimotor computation for navigation
  • biomimetic in silico network models

We have broad expertise in neurobiological and systems neuroscience techniques including

  • molecular & cellular biology
  • synaptic physiology & biology
  • network physiology & computation
  • electrical and optical neurocontrol, optogenetics
  • in vitro and in vivo whole-cell intracellular recordings
  • large scale multi-electrode extracellular recordings in vivo
  • functional optical imaging of neural populations in vitro and in vivo
  • behavioral neuroscience
  • neurotechnique development, i.e. hardware and software
  • automation, close-loop control system design, and implantable microelectronics for brain research

We are always looking for motivated bachelor, master, PhD and postdoctoral research fellows. Join us!