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Bachelor's programmes

At the Faculty of Science, two degrees can be obtained: a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree. The Bachelor’s degree is a three-year programme including the first year, the so-called ‘propaedeutic phase’. After the Bachelor’s degree, you can continue with a two-year Master’s programme.

After your Bachelor’s programme

The Bachelor’s programme is strongly aimed at the chosen field of studies. With each Bachelor’s programme at Radboud University, you can continue in that field of studies in at least one relating Master’s programme. This Master’s programme seamlessly fits in with the Bachelor’s programme.

Master’s programme at the Radboud University or another university

If, during your Bachelor’s programme, you have completed specific optional courses or required Bachelor’s courses, it is also possible to continue with another Master’s programme at Radboud University, or a Master’s programme at another Dutch or even international university. After you obtain your Bachelor’s degree, you will receive an internationally recognised diploma.

Bachelor’s programmes Faculty of Scienceonderwijs2

The Faculty of Science offers the following Bachelor’s programmes:

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