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Have you suffered a recent study delay?

Due to the corona pandemic, you may not have fully completed your current education before 1 September 2022.

In order to facilitate the transition from Bachelor’s of Science or Pre-Master's to Master's and from Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences to Pre-Master's, the Faculty of Science uses a flexible admission (zachte knip) for 2022-2023, just like last year. This means that you may start your (Pre-)Master's programme at our Faculty, even if you have not completed your previous education yet. More information about the exact rules can be found below.

Transition Bachelor of Science to Master's specialisation

If you are unable to obtain your Bachelor's degree before the end of this academic year due to the corona pandemic, and you had already planned to start your Master’s specialisation in September, admission to the Master’s specialisation is possible when you still have to complete Bachelor’s courses (including Bachelor’s Thesis).

Students with a deficiency of up to 24 EC in the Bachelor’s programme are conditionally admitted to the Master’s specialisation.

What do you have to do?

  1. Re-enrol yourself for your Bachelor’s programme 2022-2023 and prepare a request for enrolment in Studielink for the relevant Master’s specialisation per 1 September 2022.

  2. If you are not currently a student at Radboud University, the admissions officer will ask you to hand in a signed declaration from your university stating that you still have to complete your Bachelor’s programme.

Please note: you are only allowed to re-enrol in the Master’s specialisation after 31 August 2023, if you have finalised your Bachelor’s degree. You can prove this either with a diploma + diploma supplement or with a Statement of Graduation of your Bachelor’s programme.

Are you currently enrolled in a Master’s programme with flexible admission at the Faculty of Science? Please keep in mind that, from academic year 2022-2023 onwards, you can only re-enrol for the Master’s programme if you have fully completed your Bachelor’s programme. Unfortunately, you are not permitted to use the flexible admission for the second time. If you experience difficulties because of this, please contact your student advisor.

Flexible admission to the Master’s specialisation applies to Dutch students, international EU students and non-EU students who are enrolled in a Dutch Bachelor’s programme. Non-EU students who have not studied in the Netherlands before cannot apply for flexible admission.

If you have any questions, please contact the student advisor of the programme as a current Radboud-student. Other prospective students, please contact admissionsformasters@science.ru.nl for more information.

Transition Pre-Master’s to Master’s specialisation

Students who wish to transition from the Pre-Master’s programme to the Master’s specialisation must in principle have completed the entire Pre-Master’s programme. If you are unable to obtain your Pre-Master’s certificate, please contact the student advisor of the Master’s specialisation as admission to the Master’s specialisation might still be possible.

Transition Bachelor from Applied Sciences to Pre-Master’s

If you are unable to obtain your Bachelor's degree at an Applied Sciences university before the end of this academic year, admission to the Pre-Master’s programme might still be possible. Please contact the student advisor of the Pre-Master's programme for this.

Other specific situation?

If your specific situation is not described here flexible admission might still be possible for you. Please contact admissionsformasters@science.ru.nl or the student advisor of your preferred programme.