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Master's programmes

After obtaining your Bachelor’s degree, you can continue with a Master’s degree. The Master’s programmes at the Faculty of Science are all two-year programmes, with the exception of the Master’s programme Information Sciences, which is a one-year programme. All of our Master’s programmes are fully taught in English.

The Faculty of Science offers seven Master’s programmes and twenty-three Master’s specialisations, which can often be followed in multiple Master’s programmes. This means that students from different disciplines work together: an experience that comes in handy in an internship and, of course, in a future career. Apart from the individual benefits, this multidisciplinary way of working also results in a better analysis of problems and more creative ideas.

Master's in Biology

Master's in Medical Biology

Master's in Molecular Sciences

Master's in Physics and Astronomy

Master's in Mathematics

Master's in Computing Science

Master's in Information Sciences