Faculty Student Council

FSC - Group Photo

The Faculty Student Council deals with all policies that tackle student related issues in our faculty. We represent the interests of the students to ensure the quality of education and to keep the education as student friendly as possible.

Progress Event

FSC - Progress Event Socials

During the Progress Event, we would like to talk about our progress on the ideas we have presented during our Vision Drinks, as well as discuss new initiatives that we have come up with. You can read about this in our Progress Document. During this event, you can also directly discuss issues around the faculty with us or find out more about how you can take part in a student participation body, while enjoying free drinks and snacks!

Student Workload Survey - Infographic

Back in November, the Faculty Student Council has initiated an exploratory survey where we wanted to find out the students' opinions and expectations on the current workload within the Faculty of Science programmes. We were pleasantly surprised by the interest the survey has gathered, with around 400 students filling it in. The results have been taken seriously by the Faculty Board and Staff and currently there are discussions on how to efficiently and properly tackle the issues that have been brought up by this survey. You can find a more clear view of the infographic as well as the detailed report here.