Elections - Faculty Student Council

Do you want to become a candidate for next year's Faculty Student Council? Or do you wonder how you can find out more information about the function of the FSC? Below you can find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered you can always contact the FSC!

How can I apply for the Faculty Student Council?
If you aim to become a candidate for next year's FSC, you need to inform us about your decision via your favorite communication channel. After this, the current FSC will take a few steps, which are described in the elections timeline.

How can I learn more about the function of the Faculty Student Council?
The task description of the FSC is a good place to start informing yourself about the FSC. You can also have a look at our social media; especially look out for an invitation for one of the three FSC borrels. Did you know that it is possible to join a weekly meeting of the FSC or even the public part of the Faculty Joint Assembly? If you are interested in this, just approach us. On top of that, you can always schedule an appointment for any other matters.

How easily can I combine being a member of the Faculty Student Council with my regular study?
The weekly meetings are planned upon agreement of all FSC members. For most other meetings you will be asked for your preference. Other meetings, like for example the Faculty Joint Assembly, is planned well ahead and most people are able to fit their schedule around it. If it happens that you cannot attend a meeting due to a valid reason, this is, of course, no problem. A board year in the FSC costs generally less time than a usual board year at a study association. In principle, it is possible to combine the board year with your study without having study delay, however it is also a common choice to delay the study.

Can I apply for a specific function within the Faculty Student Council?
After the election results have been published, the FSC hosts an introductory meeting where the tasks of the FSC are explained and divided amongst the new members. Based on this division, the function titles are allocated. It is thus not possible to apply for a specific position within the FSC, however you can voice your preferences during this introductory meeting.