Elections - General Information

Every year, new members for the Faculty Student Council and Programme Committees are elected. Below, you can find the timeline for the elections in 2023, which has been adapted from the official timeline of the voting office.

Throughout the Academic Year
Get in touch with the student participation body you are interested in. For details you may consider the information given specifically for the Faculty Student Council and the Programme Committees.

Monday, 6 March - Monday, 20 March
Automatically, every student is registered in the electoral register. This is necessary to become a candidate and to vote. In the week of 6th of March, students receive an e-mail, where the personal information stored in the electoral register is checked for actuality. Should your registration be inaccurate or did you not receive an e-mail in your student e-mail account, please contact stembureau@ru.nl within two weeks after the email was sent. Note: that the information is accurate is essential for becoming a candidate and for voting!

Monday, 8 May – Friday, 12 May
The student bodies will nominate the candidates. For this, candidates will be sent a nomination form to sign by the respective body. The list of all candidates together with the signed forms will be sent to the voting office.

Tuesday, 23 May
All candidates for the Faculty Student Councils and Programme Committees will be published.

Tuesday, 30 May -  Thursday, 1 June 
The elections take place. To vote, please follow the instructions given in the email you should have received on your student email, where you are invited to participate in the elections. The voting period starts on 30th of May at 09.00 and ends on 1st of June at 17.00.

Friday, 2 June
The results of the elections are announced. Following the elections, candidates will be personally notified on the results.