Chris Musteata

Hello everyone!

I'm Chris, a second-year Computing Science student and the appointed Commissioner of Education for this year's FSC. If you're wondering what my job is, well I (alongside some of my colleagues) will be representing FNWI students in different faculty-wide or even university-wide meetings. I will also be keeping in contact with various additional bodies, such as the FSCs of other faculties, the Institute and/or Faculty assessor(s), and most importantly the Education Center. As we are recovering from previous restrictions and slowly opting toward more offline learning, I will try my absolute best to keep this transition as smooth and effortless as possible, while also ensuring that the students' needs are heard and accounted for. Besides the FSC, I will also be a member of the Program Committee for Computing Science & Information Sciences! If you have any questions, issues, or ideas you'd like to bring up, feel free to reach out to me - you'll most probably find me around Huygens or in Mercator.