Tasks of the Faculty Student Council

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) deals with all student related matters on the faculty level.  To do so the FSC is in close contact with many different parties consisting of both students and staff members. Below you can find a summary of what the FSC does and is involved in.

FSC Documents and Events
The FSC writes various documents throughout the year to report on their plans and actions:

Official Documents

Every document is traditionally presented during a borrel.

Project Documents

Weekly Meeting
During the Weekly Meeting, the FSC comes together with the Faculty Assessor, a representative of the University Student Council (USC) and sometimes from the Education Policy Committee (EPC). They discuss all current matters regarding the faculty, education and plan their own initiatives.

Faculty Joint Assembly (FJA)
The FJA Meeting is held once every 6 weeks between the Faculty Board (FB), the Representative Council (OC) and the FSC. They discuss the general and strategic policies of the faculty. An FJA always has two parts, a confidential and a public part. Anyone can attend the open section as a listener, if you are interested in doing so you can send an email to the FSC. The documents, e.g., agenda and minutes, from the public part can be found for everyone on the Radboud Intranet (currently only available in Dutch).

Broad Meeting (BM)
The Broad Meeting is a meeting between the FSC and all Programme Committees (PC), which is taking place approximately every six weeks. There, the FSC informs the PC's about faculty wide updates and the PC's inform the FSC about the topics they have been dealing with. Additionally, the yearly updated Education and Exam Regulations (EER) are discussed.

Education Meeting
The Education Meeting is a meeting between the Education Center and the Commissioner of Educational Affairs of the FSC. They discuss all matters the Education Center is concerned with and the FSC's own initiatives related to education once every two weeks.

University Participation Meeting (UMO)
The UMO is initiated by the University Student Council (USC) every one or two months. All assessors from all faculties, a delegation of 2 members of the FSC of each faculty and the contact persons of the FSCs from the USC together participate in the meeting. Any general university-wide policies and updates are being discussed and the USC can ask the different faculties for input.

Education and Examination Regulation (EER) Process
Every year, the EER is reviewed. A draft of the general part of the EER is sent to the FSC and then discussed in the weekly meeting. The FSC submits questions and comments to the EER to the policy makers. Also, the programme committees can submit comments to the new EER and the FSC monitors in the Broad Meeting if the PCs are involved in the EER process sufficiently. Considering all the comments the policy maker receives, the EER is drafted and voted in during an FJA. Hereby, the FSC has voting rights.

Quality Agreements (AKA)
In the Advisory Committee meetings on Quality Agreements (AKA), the professor of science subject didactics, the head of the education center, the vice dean of education and two members of the Representative Council and FSC respectively have a seat. They come together to direct and guarantee the use of the quality resources. They monitor that money and resources are properly spent to improve education and the students’ experience (e.g. on lab equipment, student assistants, practical teaching, staff members). Their findings are summarized in an Annual Report.

Olympus Monthly Meeting
The Olympus Monthly Meeting is initiated by Olympus. The chairs of all study associations, the student assessor and a delegate from the FSC attend it to discuss all topics that are of interest for all study associations and their events.

Institute Assessor Meeting
The Institute Assessor Meeting takes place between the Student Assessor, the Institute Assessors, the EPC and the FSC. The focus lays on discussing and brainstorming about the recent progress on the implementation of decisions regarding education policy, which are described in the EPC documents. Thereby, the FSC stays informed on the implementation process and possible collaborations between the involved parties can be established.

Other contacts
The FSC is in contact with the Building Facility Services (IHZ), the Library Committee, the Eco Team, the Radboud Giga-Bite and other parties.