Tasks of the Education Policy Committee

The education policy committee is formed by two Education Policy Committee (EPC) students, a secretary, the Education Directors of the institutes, the Student Assessor, the Vice-Dean of Education, the Head of the Education Center, and the policy makers of the faculty. Their main goal is to discuss questions regarding existing education policy and to give advice regarding new policies, for example the Education and Examination Regulations, student well-being and different types of examination methods. The main task of the EPC students is to attend the EPC meetings and represent the opinion of the students of our faculty.

Education Policy Committee Meeting (EPC)
The Education Policy Committee meeting is chaired by the Vice-Dean of Education and attended by all members of the Education Policy Committee once per month. The agenda points concern education policy, think about exam rules or the new Bring your Own Device (BYOD) policy. The task of the EPC students is to provide input on existing and new policies from the students perspective.

Education Policy Committee Pre-Meeting
Before the EPC meetings, the EPC students meet with the Student Assessor and discuss the agenda of the EPC meeting. The goal of this meeting is to form an opinion representing the students and to address the concerns of students. Furthermore, an agenda for the College of Institute Assessors (see below) is determined.

College of Institute Assessors
Before every monthly EPC meeting, the EPC students meet with the Institute Assessors, a representative from the Faculty Student Council and the Student Assessor, who also is the chair of the meeting. They discuss the topics from the upcoming EPC meeting that are relevant for all institutes, e.g. the new Bring your Own Device policy. The main goal of the meeting is both to brainstorm and receive input on the topics as well as informing the Institute Assessors about recent developments. Additionally, the Student Assessor and FSC representative gain an overview on faculty wide problems.

Broad Meeting (BM)
The Broad Meeting is a meeting between all Student Representatives of the Faculty of Science chaired by the Faculty Student Council, which takes place every six weeks. The Broad Meeting is attended by the Faculty Student Council, the Programme Committees, the Institute Assessors, the Education Policy Committee student members, a representative of the University Student Council and the Student Assessor. During this meeting, faculty-wide topics are discussed and the Programme Committees are informed about things happening in the faculty.

FSC Weekly Meeting
If necessary, the EPC students attend the weekly meeting of the Faculty Student Council. During this meeting, the EPC students give an update about the aspects of the last EPC meeting relevant to the FSC.