Tasks of an Institute Assessor

The Faculty of Science has seven programmes distributed over four institutes. In total there are seven Institute Assessors, one for each study. The institutes are:

  • Institute for Biosciences
  • Institute for Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy (WiNST)
  • Institute for Computing Science & Information Sciences (I&I)
  • Institute for Molecular Sciences (MLS)

The Institute Assessor has an advisory function within the Educational Institute, where it represents the students of their specific study. Additionally, the institute assessor forms the link between the Educational Institute and the Programme Committee of their studies.

Educational Institute Meeting
The Institute Assessor attends the frequent meetings of the Educational Institute. Here, the Director of Education, the Programme Coordinators, the Coordinator of Education and the Institute Assessor(s) discuss education-related topics within their institute. Think about for example the student attendance during on campus lectures, the overall set up or the programme to education awards.

Student Programme Committee Meeting
The Institute Assessor is in close contact with the Programme Committees of the institute. Therefore, the Institute Assessor attends the frequent Student Programme Committee Meeting meetings of the Programme Committee to discuss complaints from students, course evaluations and any other programme related topics. The Institute Assessor has an advisory function during those meetings, but is considered as a full member. If necessary, the Institute Assessor supports the Programme Committee as an extra Programme Committee member.

Programme Committee Meeting
The Programme Committee Meeting is a meeting between the staff and student members of the programme committee, the institute assessor and a Note Taker.  Topics are for example the course evaluations, the scheduling of the programme and complaints of students, where support from staff members is required. Also the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) are reviewed in this meeting every year. At the start of this review process, the Institute Assessor can propose changes and/or new articles. During the whole process, the Institute Assessor assists the Programme Committee.

Broad Meeting (BM)
The Broad Meeting is a meeting between all Student Representatives of the Faculty of Science chaired by the Faculty Student Council, which takes place every six weeks. The Broad Meeting is attended by the Faculty Student Council, the Programme Committees, the Institute Assessors, the Education Policy Committee student members, a representative of the University Student Council and the Student Assessor. During this meeting, faculty-wide topics are discussed and the Programme Committees are informed about things happening in the faculty.

College of Institute Assessors
Before every monthly EPC meeting, the EPC students meet with the Institute Assessors, a representative from the Faculty Student Council and the Student Assessor, who also is the chair of the meeting. They discuss the topics from the upcoming EPC meeting that are relevant for all institutes, e.g. the new Bring your Own Device policy or livestream equipment. Also, the situation in the several educational institutes is discussed and the Institute Assessors can share ideas and problems.