Current Programme Committees

PC Mathematics

PC Math

Hi! We are the Programme Committee of Mathematics. You can recognize us by our beautiful shirts. We are the first people to talk to if something can be improved in a course or if there is a problem with the study programme. We are in close contact with the Mathematics students. In this way, we can maintain (and hopefully also improve) the quality of your education.

We evaluate all courses after each quarter by going through the course evaluations. Every quarter, we also organize the KOE (Kwartaal Onderwijs Evaluatie, or in English: Quarter Education Evaluation) and every semester we organize the MOE (Master Onderwijs Evaluatie, or in English: Master Education Evaluation), both walk-in hours. If there is something we need to know, do not hesitate to contact us!

Janna van Assen (Institute Assessor)
Pepijn Hulsbergen
Josje van der Laan
Simon Ruiz
Jasper Verheul

You can contact the PC Mathematics via:

PC Physics and Astronomy

PC Physics

Hey everyone!! :)
We are the Program Committee of Physics and Astronomy, and we are excited to represent our students this year! We want to focus on improving the quality of tutorials for students, TAs and teachers, and we would like to reduce the high workload that students are experiencing right now. We are always down to chat, so please feel free to contact us!

You can contact the PC Physics and Astronomy via:

PC Biosciences

PC Biosciences

The educational committees, for biology the Programme Committee (PC) Biosciences, from the Faculty of Science (FNWI), give advice about educational and exam rules for the different study programmes. They also evaluate the way these educational and exam policies are implemented on a yearly basis. The PCs provide both unasked and asked for advice to the dean and directors of education about matters concerning the education of the different study programmes. When the advice of the PC is not honored, the faculty board's has to back their decisions with arguments. The PC can ask for a reevaluation of the taken decision afterwards.

The PCs mainly look at all of the course surveys that are sent out at the end of every course. It is therefore important for students to fill them in, to provide feedback to the lecturers involved and to help the PCs keep an eye on the quality of the courses.

The Programme Committee Biosciences consists of six studying members and six teaching members. They evaluate the course surveys and they discuss about the policies introduced by the different study programmes. For tips, questions or comments you can always contact ut!

The current members of the Programme Committee Biosciences are (from left to right): Hazal Doğan, Rafael Zampakas, Anne de Ruijter (Institute Assessor), Lieke Steeghs, Astrid Moosmüller, Merijn Schutgens, Pedro Alonso González.

You can contact the PC Biosciences via:

PC Computer and Information Sciences

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Hello there!
We are the Computing and Information Sciences Program Committee, and we are in charge of providing advice on education and exam regulations that must be approved each year, as well as evaluating educational quality. The PC evaluates the quality of the courses by taking into account both course evaluations and teacher reactions to those evaluations. They also provide advice to the Director of Education and the Education Board, even if it is unsolicited.

As a student, you can always come to us with questions about specific courses, the curriculum, or anything else related.

Each quarter, the PC hosts a walk-in session where you can talk to student members of the PC about any of the courses from that quarter while enjoying free drinks and cookies. If something happens in the middle of the quarter that you would rather not discuss in person, or if you prefer to communicate via email for any other reason, please contact us at for PC students and for the entire PC.
See you around!

Cato van Ojen
Chris Musteata
Gabriele Serafini
Martan van der Straaten
Lisanne Weidmann
Giovanni Uchoa de Assis

PC Molecular Sciences

You can contact the PC for the Molecular Life Sciences via: (Bachelor) or (Master).

PC Institute for Science and Innovation Studies

You can contact the Programme Committee for the Institute for Science and Innovation Studies via: