Joost van der Loo

Hi everyone,

My name is Joost van der Loo and I’m this year’s student assessor of the Faculty of Science. Currently, I follow the Gravity+ interdisciplinary programme centered around mathematical physics. In my free time, I like rowing, hiking and meeting up with friends.

The student assessor is a member of the faculty board and represents the student’s perspective therein. As a consequence, the student assessor is the central person to all student councils, boards and study associations for issues concerning policies (desired to be) imposed by the faculty or the university. Furthermore, the student assessor maintains close relations with other faculties and the university board. The student assessor plays an advisory role in the meetings of the FSC and is therefore not a member of the council formally. This year, I’ll provide the FSC with advice regarding organizational affairs and policies of educational nature desired by the FSC itself or the faculty board.