GI servers

As a general rule, use servers to transfer data from or to GI; no USB sticks or external hard drive because of risks of virus infections.


The Network Attached Server (NAS) of General Instrumentation is meant to transfer data produced at GI to the own workstation.Data will be kept for 2 months. After that time data may be deleted without further notification.

Users should first register with help of the device manager in charge. They will receive permission to a certain sector of the NAS. Registered users can connect from any place to the sector of interest on the NAS to which they have received access rights by

  • typing "" in the window of a browser

Inside the domain of the GI department, these users can also get a connection by adding a network drive to their local PC/MAC/Linux machine; e.g. in Windows: press together Windows key + e key. Go to network drive. In folder, type one of the following lines:

  • \\GIServer\element analyse
  • \\GIServer\EM
  • \\GIServer\lightmicroscopy

CNCZ servers

Users (students, employees, guests) of the science faculty can connect to the following cncz servers with their science webaccount login ( (explanations (pdf, 180 kB)), by adding a network drive to their local PC/MAC/Linux machine (works only inside Huygens building):

  • cncz server of your own group (see for example server facilities of cncz:
  • geminstr server for GI data (\\\geminstr)
  • geminstr2 server for GI EM work (\\\geminstr2)
  • home1 and home 2 personal server space. Any student/employee / guest of the science faculty having a science web-account (login name and password) is entitled to 5 GB of disc space on one of these cncz home servers: \\\loginname or  \\\loginname. More ...
  • temp network share of CNCZ for the transfer of files  larger than a few tens of MBs up to about 500 GB within the faculty for above-mentioned users. Note that this service is explicitly meant for temporary storage; no backups of this share are made and data older than 21 days are removed every day. Please, liberate the space on the temp soon after having concluded the transfer. This server can be reached through your own cncz web-account at:
    \\\share of
    More ...


To send data to outside the Huygens building (e.g. between the Huygens building and the RIMLS) employees and students of a Dutch university or Academic Hospital can use the free and safe SURFfilesender service:

  • Go to
  • Start Start Transfer
  • Login
  • Select Educational Organization, e.g. Radboud University or RadboudUMC
  • Press enter to select (button)
  • Login with student or employee number
  • Follow the instructions

Contact NAS

Sebastian Krosse
Tel. 024-3652257
Tel. 06-46830651
Room HG01.212

How to access a network drive for upload/download of data

Help (pdf, 372 kB) for users

How to send data through SURFfilesender

Help document (pdf, 265 kB)