Who is who

Current staff of the department of General Instrumentation

  • Olsthoorn, dr. Ing. S.M. (Stef)
    Tel. (024-36)52955
    E.mail s.olsthoorn@science.ru.nl
    Room Mercator III 1.037
    Absent on Fridays
  • Manenschijn, dr. H. (Hetty)
    Transmission and scanning electron microscopy and EM preparation
    Tel. 024-3652199
    Room Huygens 01.222
  • Postma, dr. J.L. (Jelle)
    Lightmicroscopy, Imageanalysis 
    Tel. 024-3652199
    Room Huygens 01.222
  • Van der Ven, Ing. P. (Paul)
    Element/amino acids analysis
    Tel. 024-3652012
    E.mail p.vanderVen@science.ru.nl
    Room HG01.212
  • Sebastian Krosse
    Research center B-ware
    Detached at General Instrumentation
    0.2 fte at GI department
    Element analysis, computers-servers
    Tel. (024-36)52257
    Tel. 06-46830651
    Room HG01.212


The members of the GI-commission have an important task in advising the GI on the choice of investments in new equipment. They articulate the wishes of employees/students of their institute. In the yearly meeting, they receive information on new developments at the level of the staff and devices, the financial state of the department, the use of devices and more. The current members of the GI-commission are:

Former employees

  • Janssen, G.J.A. (Geert-Jan)
    Transmission and scanning electron microscopy and EM preparation, PAM-er
    E-mail gja.janssen@science.ru.nl
  • Alexopoulos, dr. I. (Ioannis)
    Light microscopy, image analysis
    E.mail i.alexopoulos@science.ru.nl
  • Pierson, dr. E.S. (Liesbeth) 
    Former employee in charge of light microscopy, image analysis, plate reader and webmaster
    E.mail e.pierson@science.ru.nl
  • Eygensteyn, J. (Jelle)
    Former technician for element/amino acid analysis
    E.mail j.eygensteyn@science.ru.nl
  • Van der Gaag, drs. M. (Rien) 
    Technician for chromatography (HPLC, aminoacid analysis, capillairy electrophoresis) 
    Derksen, dr. J.W.M. (Jan)
    Retired coordinator
  • Geurts, H.P.M. (Huub)
    Retired electron microscopist
  • Op den Camp, dr. H.J.M. (Huub)
    former Coordinator
    Tel. (024-36)52657
    E.mail h.opdencamp@science.ru.nl
    Room Dept of Microbiology