Electron microscopes

JEOL 6330 Cryo FESEM

This JEOL Field Emission Sacnning Electron Microscopejeol6330-cryofesem can be used either in conventional mode or as cryo-SEM. There is a separate entry chamber for each technique.

  • In conventional use, the material needs to be naturally conductive or it has to be precoated with a thin layer of metal (see SEM coaters).
  • In cryo-mode, the material is first fixed with nitrogen slush (and tests are going on to apply high-pressure freezing)  and transposed to the cryo-chamber.
  • When observation of the inner structure of the object is seeked, the frozen material is then cleaved with a tiny knife. Still in this same preparation chamber under vacuum a sublimation step is performed and coating with gold-palladium (more information and photographs about the preparation procedure...).
  • There are a number of different holders: on some holders the sample can be tilted and there are also possibilities to make stereo-views (always ask assistance first) .


Room HG01.244




To a video on
about the use of this
SEM for the observation
of pollen:
"Hoe worden pollenfoto's
gemaakt?"video SEM pollennieuws