Transmission EM

JEOL TEM 1400 (in room HG01.240)

The TEM 1400 (JEM 1400 Flash; Jeol, Tokyo, Japan; Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands) Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is meant for all routine TEM observations for the Faculty of Sciences. It is a robuste and relatively easy to utilize  microscope, with options for acquisition of image maps and automatic stitching. This TEM can be applied in a wide range of fields, such as biology and materials studies, including nanotechnology and polymer research. The microscope can be employed for mapping overviews as well as for detecting fine structures (of up to a 0.4 nm resolution) at high magnification. The electron source is a Lab6 crystal. The JEM-1400Flash is routinely operated at 120 KV. It is equipped with a an optical microscope image linkage function that should open doors for correlative microscopy. A powerful feature is the high-sensitivity Matataki Flash sCMOS camera, that allows a high frame-rate acquisition of extremely sharp images with a very low readout noise. In addition to the conventional electromagnetic image shift, the JEM-1400 Flash comes with a montage system capable of utilizing stage drive for the field shift. This new system allows the simple capture of a montage panorama image over a limitless wide area at high resolution.

JEOL TEM 2100 (in room HG01.225)

The JEOL TEM 2100 is a state-of-the-art 200 KV system. It is dedicated to high-end inspection of thin material. The microscope provides solutions for a wide range of problems in the fields of materials, nano-electronics, and biological sciences.
In order to operate this complex microscope, an intensive and time-consuming training is required. Always contact Hetty Manenschijn in advance to discuss the possibilities.

Jeol 2100 TEM

General specifications:

  • The Jeol 2100 is equipped with two Gatan camera's: the high-quality Gatan 833 Orius (Gatan, Pleasanton, California, USA; München, Germany) and the excellent Gatan 890 Ultrascan (Gatan, Pleasanton, California, USA; München, Germany) for the highest requirement regarding resolution and sensitivity, like in cryo-tomograms.
  • This TEM has holders for cryo-observation and tomography
  • It has a Jeol bright-field and a dark-field detector on the STEM unit
  • There is a Quantax  Bruker (Leiderdorp, Netherlands) EDS system element analysis can be performed on various regions of interest in the sections.
  • The IMOD software software has been installed on the GI image analysis PC. With the various modules tomograms can be aligned, projected and rendered
  • More (pdf, 135 kB) technical specifications

Jeol 1010 TEM

The Jeol 1010 TEM has been dismantled in January 2018.


TEM1400 in HG01.240 
TEM2100 in HG01.225


Manuals/references JEM 1400

Manuals/references Jeol 2100 TEM

All manuals are available through the GI server

  • The microscope Jeol 2100:
    "TEM manual Jeol 2100" (11MB)
  • EDS detection (Bruker):
    "Introduction EDS Analysis" (2.4 MB)
    "Manual Quantax" (15.3 MB)
    "ESPRIT Quick Reference Guide" (16.7MB)
  • Gatan cameras:
    "833 Orius manual" (6MB)
    "Easy camera tutorial" (1.5 MB)
    "Digiscan users guide" (630 KB)
    "890 Ultra scan camera" (2.3 MB)
  • The IMOD homepage Boulder laboratory & Regents (Univ. Colorado):
    IMOD Software, Guides, Assistance and Information
  • IMOD on the image analysis pc of the GI department
  • Automated Tilt Series with SerialEM (link)
  • Glossary of TEM terms

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For the Jeol 2100, through Geert-Jan Janssen

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