Discontinued techniques

As a facility the department of General Instrumentation follows the interests of users in its offer of equipment. New instruments and modern techniques are attracted, while old devices, or devices that are used by a limited number of people, are dismantled to create space, reduce costs of maintance or because personnel is not replaced  (like this happened after retirement). In such cases, attempts are undertaken to find a useful destination for the old devices, e.g. through recycling or by giving the instrument to users/groups still applying the technique.

Dismantled devices or discontinued techniques:

  • Sp2 confocal microscope
  • Beckman DNA sequencer (dismantled)
  • Electron microscopy negatives (dismantled)
  • Scanner for negatives (given away)
  • Disapproved ultracentrifuge rotors (dismantled)
  • Ultracentrifuges (given to the RIMLS)
  • Victor plate reader (to Animal Physiology)
  • NanoDrop (to neurophysiology/IWWR)
  • Leica vibratome (to Neurophysiology),
  • Fluomax (to physics teaching)
  • Particle gun (to Molecular Plant Physiology)
  • Microinjection equipment (to the Nanolab),
  • Monochrome fx camera (to Neurophysiology)
  • Monochromator (to Neurophysiology)
  • Advalytix (Olympus) AmpliSpeed Slide Cycler / single cell pcr (to Neurophysiology)
  • Capillary electrophoresis (to Chemistry)
  • Phast system (to Chemistry)
  • Etlan HPLCs (to Chemistry)
  • "Oold" amino acid analysis sytem (dismantled)
  • GS700 (dismantled)
  • Printing facility (dismantled)
  • Microultracentrifuge (dismantled)