Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Labs

GMO facility for light microscopy

The inverted microscopes in rooms HG01.236 and HG01.239 can be used to observed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) at the AP-1 level, provided all regulations are followed. Only authorized persons are allowed to work with GMOs at the microscopes. Contact the assistant (Liesbeth) in advance. The cupboard carrying the label GMO's in huge letters contains a binder with all reference addresses, telephone numbers, procedures in case of calamity. More safety instructions and procedures can be found at the AMD site (see column here right).


Rules for working at AP-1 level

  • Bring GMO material to the room in sealed microscopy chambers
  • Carry a dedicated lab coat (present in a sealed plastic bag in a special closet)
  • Switch the GMO sign outside the door to AP-1
  • No food, no drinks, no smoking  in the room. No utensils for food or drinks allowed. Do not apply cosmetics or eye lenses in the room. Avoid hand contact with mouth or face.
  • Keep personal belongings outside the room
  • Door closed during the work
  • Prevent any lost of material
  • Fill in the log book (only authorized users allowed, permission codes, project number, department, full names, type of material, what to do to prevent spilling). The registration code for activities taken place at GI is IG 15.258.

    When the work is ready
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap
  • Clean all surfaces of interest with ethanol
  • Carry all biological thrash in sealed containers to the own lab, where it can be disposed of at AP-1 level.
  • Complete control after completion of the work together with the assistant
  • Put the lab coat back in the dedicated closet.
  • Turn around the AP-1 sign outside the door
  • Respect the GMO regulation for the transport of material to and from the lab

In case of contamination

  • Desinfect surfaces or any contaminated material immediately with ethanol
  • An emergency set containing a bottle of ethanol, tissues, handschoes and a special trash ton  are present in the closet labelled GMO
  • Warn the assistant at once
  • see further instructions in the binder in the GMO closet


Rooms HG 01.236 and HG 01.239


Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Service (AMD)

The AMD offers advice and guidance a.o. on the safety protocols to work with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)