Plate readers

The multi-functional Tecan Spark M10 has become the instrument of choice during the course of 2016. The older Victor 2 (Wallac) 1420 multilabel counter has been very seldom used over the last 18 months. Only the department of Animal Physiology replied to mailing and showed interest in this instrument and therefore it has been decided to transfer the Victor to that group from September 4, 2016 on.

Tecan Spark M10

The Tecan Spark M10 multimode plate reader has the following modules:

  • Multiple types of wells
  • Absorbance reading with monochromator optics (200-1000nm)
  • Temperature control and shaking
  • Fluorescence top and bottom reading with monochromator for Exc (230-900nm) and Em (280-900nm)
  • Fluorescence polarization reading >390nm
  • Luminescence reading multicolor + scanning
  • Cooling option, range 18-42°C
  • Spark Control software
  • Magellan  data processing and analysis software
  • Injector module 2x, 1ml syringes with heating & stirrer option


This instrument was purchased thanks to an agreement between the group of Prof. Jan van Hest (zwaartekracht project) and the GI dept.




Server facilities

Data should be transferred through a server. More info. 
(Do not use USB stick on this PC!)

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