Courses, internship, presentations

Besides offering support to the research of the Science faculty, The Department of General Instrumentation (GI) provides also to teaching and orientative contributions.  See here an overview of these activities:

Courses To which the GI contributes

  • Pre-university college - Physical Organic Chemistry - Amino acids analysis
  • Applied Ecology (bachelor Biosciences) - Aquatic Ecology - ICP/OES
  • System Ecology (bachelor Biosciences) - Aquatic Ecology - ICP/OES
  • Applied and Environmental microbiology (bachelor Biosciences) - Microbiology -  Microscopie
  • Field course Ireland (master Biosciences) - Aquatic Ecology - CFA, ICP/OES
  • Inleiding Microscopie (bachelor Biosciences) - lecture + practical course
  • Mini-excursion Microscopical techniques (bachelor Chemistry) - Solid State Chemistry  - SEM and TEM
  • E-learning webpages (bachelor Biosciences), i.e.: cell cycle, mitosis and meiosis, embryology, life cycle of algae and plants, landscape and nature around Nijmegen, image gallery biological microscopy slides

Internship supervision

  • Incidentally, for HAN students
  • Analytical techniques during bachelor and master internship Chemistry and Biosciences
  • "Profielwerkstukken" secondary school


  • New employees
  • Schnupperstudium
  • Master orientation Ecology - RIBES
  • Guests / visitors / Open days (e.g. 4 VWO days)
  • Visitation commission RIBES


  • RIBES day
  • Introduction about the facility (Chemistry - Biology departments)

Presentation of the equipment of the facility at department meetings