Virtual Classroom Biology



The Virtual Classroom Biology is a teaching site of the Radboud University Nijmegen, initiated at the department of General Instruments, which is aimed at secondary school students interested in bio-sciences.

Texts and illustrations presented here may be employed for reports, practical trainings and general teaching in biology at high school, colleges and universities (pending copyright and disclaimer).


Hundred of microscopical samples (More... )

home-mini1The image gallery shows more than 500 views of labeled photographs of microscopic samples, which are the same that biology students study in the basic courses.

Electron microscope in action (More...)

home-fesemExamples of application of a scanning electron microscope. Several micro- and nanoscale structures from biology and other sciences can be investigated with a electron microscope simulator.

Visualization of micrometer small objects

home-scan3Thanks to specialized light (more...) and electron (more...) microscopes, structures which are (much) smaller than one thousand of a millimeter can be visualized. Take a look!

Meiosis and mitosis (More... )

home-mitosisTerms regarding mitosis and meiosis are explained through short texts, illustrations and links to videos. This teaching module for self-study is part of the introduction program for new biology students.

Landscape around Nijmegen (More... )

home-landscapeGeological events have shaped the area surrounding of Nijmegen to a most varied landscape. Discover the natural resources of Heumensoord, the Ooijpolder, the glacial till, the Haterts and Overasselts Fens and the Bruuk. (Partly translated into English).

Hay fever and sex in plants: Pollen does it!

home-pollenMore than 10% of the population of the netherlands suffers of hay fever, a condition caused by pollen. This webmodule focuses on ecological, cytological as well as biomedical aspects around pollen, not to forget the essential role of pollen in plant reproduction.

The Microworld of leaves (More...)

home-leaf2Observe these amazing parts of the plant under a microscope and discover how they arise, grow, capture light, produce oxygen and survive under the most diverse life conditions.

Embryology: a little miracles (More...)
So smoothly, but also so complicated are the steps from fertilized egg cell to full embryo. The early stage of embryogenesis are depicted in a number of model animals.

Stem development: top architecture! (More...)
The stem is strong but also flexible, drought resistant and able to grow and to form branches so that leaves are exposed best to sunlight and can produce organic matter. The development of a stem is quite a smart architecture. Watch that...

Life cycles in algae and plants (More...)

The life cycles of several brown, red and green algae and of various phyla of land plants are described with short texts, schemes and micrographs. The webpages show the developmental stages from gamte formation through fertilization and development of the organisms to mature individuals.



Life cycles of plants