Colloquium: Dancing between scales: Understanding the emergence of regional collaboration for biodiversity recovery in Ooijpolder-Groesbeek (NL)

Tuesday 13 June 2023Add to my calendar
12:30 to
hybrid: online and in room HG02.537
Sabine Baumgarten

Biodiversity recovery on a landscape level requires people from various different fields and backgrounds to connect and collaborate over an extended period of time. Understanding how conservation and restoration goals are negotiated and achieved hence necessitates an understanding of the dynamics of the social fabric: the social networks and interactions that develop, underpin and sustain collective action.

In our current study, we explore the underlying mechanisms and developments that contributed to constructive collaboration for landscape biodiversity in the Dutch rural region ‘Ooijpolder-Groesbeek’. In this colloquium I’d like to present our current work in progress and some preliminary findings from our historical analysis.