Graduate School programme

Doing a PhD at ISiS means that you have the opportunity to receive training, develop your personal and professional skills, and prepare for your future career. The ISiS Graduate School offers the following training programme. When completed, PhD candidates receive a Graduate School certificate.

All PhD candidates draw up a training and supervision plan (TSP) during the first three months of their trajectory, in which you describe which courses and activities you will undertake. If you include the activities listed on this page in your TSP, you are all set to complete the ISiS Graduate School programme. The activities should also be registered via the portfolio in Hora Finita.

Standard training

You can follow all components of the standard training programme at Radboud University, but it is also possible to complete (some) courses on the same topics at another graduate or research school. Please signal this in your TSP.

Course / activity Number of hours (approximately)

Introduction for employees of the Faculty of Science* (Sign up here)

4 hours

Scientific ethics course*

12 hours

Basic Didactic Skills, Education in a nutshell, or a comparable education course** (View courses and sign up here)

12-28 hours

Project management course (e.g., Essential Skills to Manage your PhD project or Project Management for PhDs) (Sign up via gRow)

24-52 hours

Presenting course (e.g., The Art of Presenting Science) (Sign up via gRow)

36 hours

Writing course (e.g., Writing Scientific Articles) (Sign up via gRow)

96 hours

Career orientation (e.g. Een PhD en dan? / Career Guidance for International PhDs) (Sign up via Grow)

20 hours
Total: ca. 220 hours (~8 ECTS)

* These courses are mandatory for all PhD candidates (including external PhDs)
** These courses are mandatory for internal PhD candidates only

Elective activities

Elective courses and activities are also a vital part of the PhD candidate’s training programme, but are more tailor-made depending on the PhD’s preferences, interests, and pursued career after the PhD. You can choose from the list below and are expected to complete at least 200 hours in this part of the programme.

Course / activity Number of hours (approximately)
ISiS colloquia 100 hours
ISiS theme meetings 32 hours
Master’s / bachelor’s courses or research school*** courses Depends
Academic development and networking:
Networking activities (e.g. conferences, Faculty/Radboud meetings, etc) Depends
Becoming a board / committee member of PON (PhD Organisation Nijmegen) or of PNN (PhD Network Netherlands) Depends
Becoming active in PROBE Depends
Additional skills trainings offered by Radboud University (e.g. Diversity & Inclusion, or Get Children excited about Science) (Sign up via gRow) Depends
Science communication (e.g. public lectures, writing blogs, etc) Depends
Total: ca. 700 hours (~25 ECTS)

*** PhD candidates from ISiS can also join a national research or graduate school, besides being enrolled in the ISiS Graduate School. You can attend courses at these research schools:

National research schools in ISiS research domains:


PhD candidates can use the portfolio in Hora Finita to keep track of their training and elective activities. When you submit a complete portfolio at the end of your trajectory, you will receive an ISiS Graduate School certificate.