ISIS Graduate School

All PhD candidates who do research at ISiS are automatically enrolled in the ISiS Graduate School. The aim of the Graduate School is to offer all ISiS PhD candidates a complete programme and support for academic development in this phase of their career.


The ISiS office is open for any questions you may have regarding your PhD project or any other issues. You can stop by our office or send an email:

  • Martin Drenthen (Graduate School coordinator)  - HG02.519 (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri)
  • Vera Jansen (management assistant ISiS) - HG02.542 (Mon/Tue/Thu)

Training programme

All PhD candidates draw up a training and supervision plan (TSP) during the first three months of their trajectory. All ISiS PhDs take part in the following three activities:

  1. Introduction morning at the Faculty of Science
  2. Didactic skills (or a comparable educational course)
  3. Scientific ethics

PhD candidates who also complete the rest of the Graduate School programme receive the ISiS Graduate School certificate upon completing it.

Training at other research schools

All of our PhD candidates are encouraged to be active members of the scientific community and/or follow appropriate courses to contribute to their research project. This can also be done at other (national) research schools or graduate schools. This is fully supported by our institute.

Hora Finita

All PhD candidates of Radboud University are registered in Hora Finita. Hora Finita is used to track your progress, to remind you and your supervisors of deadlines, and to fill your portfolio.

Read more about Hora Finita in Dutch or in English.