Welcome to the Magnetic Resonance Research Center at the Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

After a recent reorganization of the magnetic resonance research within the IMM all nuclear magnetic resonance research has been brought together in our department. Therefore we changed the name of the group  from Solid State NMR to the Magnetic Resonance Research Center.

Our research center  is part of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM).

The general mission of our  group is to develop new techniques to optimize sensitivity and information content of NMR spectra and to apply these methods to target specific topics in materials research in terms of local structure and dynamics addressing structure/function relationships.

Move of 950 MHz in 3 minutes


As a result of the Synergy ERC grant and the successful Roadmap application, the MRRC is searching for PhD's and Postdocs with theoretical and practical knowledge of NMR. Interested? Please send us an application! 
Postdoc and PhDs HISCORE


Within the uNMR partnership of Dutch universities we offer a facility for NMR measurements.
Also companies can ask us to do NMR measurements for them.

Our facilities include:

Magnetic Resonance Research Center (in Dutch)

A short introduction to the MRRC, in Dutch.

NMR in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has always been one of the leading countries in the field of NMR technology. Now, five major centres for magnetic resonance research (RU, UU, UL, TUE, WU) joined forces and started an educational and research initiative of forming one unified consortium.

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Netherlands' Magnetic Resonance School