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PROBE, for all FNWI PhDs!

PROBE is an informal structure of all FNWI institutes serving as a gateway between FNWI/RU bodies and PhD students.

We signal problems, complaints etc concerning your PhD trajectory (i.e. PhD courses, teaching obligations, supervision, defense) and put these on the agendas of the relevant FNWI/RU bodies, such as PON, the Representative Council and the faculty board.

Therefore, we join the PON meetings, have a meeting with the Dean twice a year and talk with the PhD representatives of the FNWI OC on a regular base.
Sometimes we sent interesting information to PhD's (i.e. new rules and regulations, courses and job opportunities).

PROBE does not have a formal voice in the policy structure of FNWI. We believe, however, that by sharing information between FNWI institutes/departments on a PhD level and addressing PhD related issues, we do have impact on the quality of your PhD trajectory!

Who’s PROBE?

Preferably we have at least one PhD student of each research institute. Currently PROBE has the following representatives:

Abha Khakurdikar (IMAPP)
Kevin Venrooij (IMM)
Bernadette van Heel (ISIS)
Hadassa Cruz Moreira (RIBES)
Cathrin Grawe (RIMLS)
Bas van Gorp (DCN)
Chris Kamphuis (ICIS)

How to reach PROBE?

If you have any complaints, suggestions or other issues regarding your PhD trajectory you would like to share with us, feel free to contact PROBE via phdnetwork@science.ru.nl
Also if you want more information about PROBE, or if you’re interested in joining us, please let us know.