RIBES plant physiologists and ecologists make use of state-of-the-art molecular, analytical and microscopy facilities in the modern Huygens building of Radboud University. New greenhouse and growth chambers were specifically designed for RIBES research needs and became operational in 2014.

RIBES plant researchers use wild accessions of for example tomato and the collection is also used by researchers worldwide.

At the Experimental garden, the unique Nijmegen Phytotron is an experimental facility with containers for ecological studies at the mesocosm scale. Positioned under a rain shelter, long-term studies are performed under ambient conditions with water supplied with an automated drip-irrigation system. The Phytotron is designed for studies on belowground processes, including a minirhizotron system for root observations.

Approximately 7500 m2 is available as experimental garden, including smaller and larger ponds.

For more information on the facilities, see the Radboud University Experimental Garden and Genebank website.