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Alex Garanto, Melissa BärenfängerMirian Janssen, and Dirk Lefeber (Theme Metabolic Disorders & Theme Disorders of Movement) together with international colleagues have recently published a new study in the American Journal of Human Genetics identifying a surprisingly dominant genetic cause underlying type I congenital defect of glycosylation with neuromusculoskeletal phenotypes.


Peter Linders, theme Cancer development and immune defense, Geert van den Bogaart, theme Nanomedicine, Dirk Lefeber, themes Metabolic disorders/Disorders of movement) together with international colleagues have recently reported on novel cell biological insights in Nature Communications, by identifying a genetic disorder in syntaxin-5 which allowed to unravel a new mechanism regulating intracellular transportation.



New Frontiers Symposium 2021 (online)Translational Glycoscience - 18 & 19 November


This symposium gathers national and international leading scientists to provide a universal overview on current advances in the field of glycobiology.

Our symposium takes full advantage of molecular life science developments in genetics, oncology, neurology and more. We will cover various diseases including genetics disorders, cancer, neurodevelopmental disorders, infectious diseases, as well as avenues for nutrition, health and aging. True to our Frontiers symposia, a top line-up of speakers who will provide high-quality presentations on current achievements and challenges ahead. The symposium is aimed at both junior researchers as well as faculty members.

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