Research Groups of the Radboud Consortium for Glycoscience

Prof. Dr. Dirk Lefeber

Understanding the process of protein glycosylation in neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disease

Dr. Thomas Boltje

Development of novel chemistry-based glycotools for the understanding of the role of glycosylation in disease

Dr. Christian Bull

Unraveling the mechanisms of cellular glycosylation and biological interactions with glycans.

Prof. Dr. Alessandra Cambi

Understanding the role of glycosylation in membrane organization

Prof. Dr. Gosse Adema

Understanding the role of glycosylation in tumor biology

Dr. Lenneke Cornelissen

The T cell glycocalyx and how its affects T cell (tumor) immunity

Dr. Anna Marneth

Glycosylation in normal and aberrant hematopoiesis

Dr. Hans Wessels

Understanding the role of protein isoforms in human medicine

Dr. Marien de Jonge and Dr. Jeroen Langereis

Understanding the role of glycosylation in bacterial infections

Dr. ir. Willeke Daamen

Application of glycosaminoglycans and glycosaminoglycans mimetics in soft tissue regeneration

Dr. Laia Querol Cano

Function of galectins and glycan-mediated interactions in anti-tumor immunity

Dr. Johan van der Vlag

Understanding the role of glycosylation in kidney disorders

Dr. Quirijn de Mast and Dr. Frank vd Veerdonk

Understanding the role of glycosylation in arboviral and fungal infections

Dr. Paul White

Unraveling the mechanisms of glycosylation reactions using NMR

Dr. Hanka Venselaar

Structure bioinformatics, understanding the role of glycosylation on protein structure and function

Prof. Dr. Floris Rutjes

Synthetic organic chemistry of (bio)molecules

Dr. Jonathan Martens

Infrared ion spectroscopy of (bio)molecules

Prof. Dr. Jos Oomens

Infrared ion spectroscopy of (bio)molecules


Radboud Consortium for Glycoscience

The Radboud Consortium for Glycoscience is coordinated by Dr. Rianne van Outersterp.

PhD Council

The PhD council is driven by PhD students for PhD students (and postdocs) from different groups of the RCG. We organise an accredited scientific glycoscience course and informal social events.