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Labs and facilities

onderzoek6One of the most remarkable aspects of the Faculty of Science in Nijmegen is the strong focus on the development of research methods and facilities. The faculty plays an active role in the field of Scanning Probe Microscopy, a key technique for Nano technology. The Faculty also houses one of the strongest magnets of Europe and there is a unique laboratory to study the life of plants underground.

Such facilities are essential in order to bring about scientific breakthroughs. The strong position of the Faculty when it comes to developing special facilities and the technical experience with building those was awarded with a very large grant of 30 million euros, for a spectroscopy facility park, in 2006. This grant was partly used to build the free electron laser, and the super magnet was upgraded to 45 tesla. In combination with the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lab and the Nanolab Nijmegen a very advanced facility for measuring the properties of molecules comes into existence that is unique in Europe.

Below, you will find the most significant laboratories and research facilities of the faculty: