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Focus Areas

The current focus areas for the IRP are:

  • Green information technology
    The IRP aims to promote novel projects that contribute to ‘Greening of IT’ – for example materials for efficient data storage – or ‘Greening by IT’ where data and computing innovations contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Machine learning in the natural sciences
    Machine learning has emerged as an essential tool for fundamental and applied research in disciplines such as astrophysics, computer science, atomic and molecular physics, mathematics, neuroscience, chemistry, and biology. The IRP will realise interactions between these disciplines, exploring new scientific area’s and methods.

  • Experimental laboratories in life sciences
    The IRP also stimulates interdisciplinary projects in the life sciences. Advanced technologies such as sequencing facilities with single cell and proteomics capabilities, genomics and new bioinformatics research have great potential for integrative research and to address complex issues in environmental, biological and health sciences.